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How anti-Hindu riots day became Martyrs’ day: The truth behind 13th July 1931 incident

There have been many attempts to create unrest in Kashmir on the pretext of ruler being "unjust" and "oppressive" towards majority community i.e. Muslims.

The Kashmir blame game

The seed of Islamic extremism was sowed under the Rajiv-Farooq regime and blaming anybody else for the fruit that the tree gave in 1990 is just laughable.

‘DD Kashir’s ‘Prestigious’ breakfast show Good Morning J&K- A damp squib’

The waning interest and charm has many reasons but the professional staff which has superannuated over the years and the programmes comes into the hands of lower-rung staff and casuals is the main cause of its decline.

The architects of ‘Naya Kashmir’: How Modi-Shah vision brought an end to dynastic politics in Kashmir

The tenure of the Modi led BJP government will be remembered as the most decisive period in the history of Jammu and Kashmir.

The god of subtle propaganda; Booker Prize winning author Arundhati Roy

undhati Roy was the name I found myself staring at. My hand as if out of my control, just rose on its own and grabbed the book: Capitalism, a ghost story.

Understanding Kashmir as it was

The presence of Kashmir is traced back to the Mahabharata where it was identified as a great republic. Kashmir was prospering until the 13th Century under benevolent Hindu rulers.

Kashmir beyond The Kashmir Files

The film is not an ordinary film but a cinematic experience that with a simple storyline exposes the state of the Indian establishment and its failure to stop the brutal massacre of native Hindus of Kashmir.

The Kashmir Files: The dawn of a new age in Indian cinema

TKF is a layered film, which can give it’s audiences the experience that the seek from it. And if they wish, they can have it all.

ISIS and it’s worrisome influence over Indian Muslims: A situation hard to tackle right now

Recently, India faces threat from most of it's neighbors and the recent Afghanistan situation turning into an uncontrolled international mess is certain to influence...

Dereliction of fourth estate?

Will the Fourth Estate uphold its solemn responsibility bestowed upon it by Us the People, or will it continue with blatant dereliction of its duties by turning a blind eye to the horrors of Taliban remains to be seen.

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