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ISIS and it’s worrisome influence over Indian Muslims: A situation hard to tackle right now

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Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma
Unapologetically Imperfect.

Recently, India faces threat from most of it’s neighbors and the recent Afghanistan situation turning into an uncontrolled international mess is certain to influence Muslims across the Indian subcontinent. People, specially from a radical specific community always approach violence as a means of expression and domination turning demographics and even ideological changes at times.

ISIS has a clear agenda to stir up India’s harmony and to participate in communal tensions in India to use it as a religious benefit and give a successful try to it’s befitting terrorist activity they want to carry out in sensitive locations such as in the valley of Kashmir or in national capital as well.

The recent magazine- “THE VOICE OF HIND” published a cover page titles “It is TIME to BREAK the FALSE GODS” with a clear agenda to influence Muslim mobs to continue violence in Indian subcontinent and beyond, establish Islamic superiority by means of violence (jihad) and it shows vandalized murthy of Lord Mahashiv from a temple in India. The more threat exposed as shaheen bagh was not successful but after PM Modi repealed the Farm laws, people are again talking of coming out on streets and do protest where ‘p’ clearly doesn’t stands for peace.

It is believed to be a direct call from the Islamic terrorist organizations from territories of Afghanistan and beyond to go completely out on streets and do jihad and a call to coerce non-muslims to convert as they might destroy their religios places. A fiasco, as many call it but people of Afghanistan has made their stand clear on the situation of Kashmir as well. Not just ISIS or new militant-coup Government but the response of India’s stand on Kashmir was also firm. Indian political leaders made it clear that India, in whatsoever condition is not going to slip it’s claim from State of Kashmir.

Many recent radical activities after the fall of previous Afghanistan government were seen as many Hindus and Sikhs were killed in Kashmir Valley by terrorists to disrupt longstanding attempts of peace in the valley.

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Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma
Unapologetically Imperfect.
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