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PM Modi and CM Yogi, a big reason behind rising unemployment!

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Anant Chetan
Anant Chetan
An aficionado blogger and an engineer by profession. By qualifications, a Masters in Embedded System Design.

Unemployment! Unemployment!! and Unemployment!!!

Ever since BJP came to power, unemployment has been an issue. In fact, BJP ruled government is the only government in the entire history of independent India, who has proudly taken away tens of millions of jobs and the bhakts have embraced this with open arms and with smiles on their faces. This might actually be the biggest or probably the only reason why BJP will lose the upcoming elections.

Ever since, BJP rose to power in 2014 and Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India, there have been tons of people forced out of their regular or conventional jobs. The Modi government has shut down more than 5,43,000 shell companies. Let me re-iterate, it is more than five lac companies and not people, the number people who were rendered jobless would be much more as each company would have more than one person at the very minimum. It does not matter if these were illegal companies, but the people associated with these companies were real. Weren’t they? They had rights; right to express their views and right to vote. What would their and others like them say about rising unemployment? Unlike Bhakts, they won’t be voting for BJP, would they?

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I simply don’t understand what is BJP’s problem with Hawala Traders. As a matter of fact, only 5% of Hawala trade survived after Demonetization. In other words, 95% of the agents involved with Hawala trading became unemployed. And every now and then, the government agencies arrest hawala traders as soon as they find them. And Bhakts clap on such busts. It is another thing that terrorist attacks like 2006 Mumbai train bombings carried by Indian Mujahidin or 1993 Mumbai blasts carried by Dawood Ibrahim crime syndicate were financed via hawala. These are just a few of many other such incidents. But these Hawala traders can’t be deemed as terrorists, they are businessmen. Aren’t they? They are citizens of India, government can’t just cut their jobs for the sake of the safety of the nation. Don’t they have any rights? They have rights; right to express their views and right to vote. Why should they and others like them vote for the government who is cutting their source of income?

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Now, since terrorism already came up in the discussion, we can’t just turn a blind eye to Kashmir Valley. As if killing the job prospects of Hawala traders in the valley wasn’t enough, the government with absolutely no gumption, abrogated Article 370 and 35A. Although, Bhakts have been beating their chests in happiness all the time, but has anyone ever bothered about how people lost their regular employment overnight? Stone pelting was reduced by 87.3% in just one year after the abrogation. The talented youth, who were getting paid to throw stones are not getting paid anymore, their talent is going waste and many of them are still unemployed. Not only the stone pelters, but the separatist leaders and tons of leaders in the groups like the Hurriyat conference have gone unemployed because the central government, first by abrogating 370 made Kashmir an integral part of India leaving no scope for any discussion for a separate state and second by splitting up the state in two Union Territories changed the political scenario as well. These people also have right to express their views and vote for their favorite party. Will these people or others like them ever vote for a party who took away their age old, traditional job avenue?

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As if BJP at the center was not enough, CM Yogi added another engine on the very same train, making it a double engine train taking up jobs of innocent people at a much higher speed. As soon as CM Yogi started his tenure, the first thing he did was to shut illegal slaughter houses in UP. In last 4.5 years, the government has shut down more than 150 illegal slaughter houses. Can you imagine, how many people were rendered jobless because of this? Cow smuggling is a business where millions of cows were smuggled to Bangladesh before BJP came to power. BJP government is killing a trade by trying to stop smuggling. Bhakts can call it a good thing, but what about lacs of people who were earning their bread and butter by being involved directly or indirectly in this business. Do they have any right? Will they or people like them like to support BJP in any way? By the way, have you read researches claiming the correlation between slaughterhouse work and increased crime, crime preparation, antisocial activities and sexual offenses? There are many such researches, don’t worry Bhakts did not do any such research, they were primarily done in the US, you could have a look at one here.

CM Yogi has fed some sort of tonic to the UP police. Police in the state is behaving weird. In just past sixteen months, the UP police has seized properties worth more than Rs.1,128 Crores belonging to 22,259 gangsters, including the popular ones like Mukhtar Ansari and Atiq Ahmed. What will happen to all the people involved in these businesses? Have Bhakts ever thought about it? These gangsters have multiple kids and multiple wives to feed. How are they going to survive? Just a month ago, cops in UP shut one of India’s most flourishing albeit infamous car-breaking and stolen auto parts market, Sotiganj. Seriously? What are the car thieves going to do now? What will they do after stealing a car if they don’t have a market to sell? There are thousands or direct and indirect jobs taken away. Does Yogi government know nothing about the concept of demand and supply?

It is not that the list is limited to handful of such areas, in general the government is making it more difficult to earn livelihood and to live. Missionaries and mass conversion industry is under massive attack after CM Yogi brought an ordinance popularly known as love-jihad ordinance. Drug peddling has become difficult, every now and then there are massive crackdowns, seizing thousands and thousands of crores of drugs. Shahrukh Khan who used to be frisked only at the US airports so far, is now witnessing his son getting frisked right here in India. Weed was a way to look cool #udtapunjab, now regressive BJP is making an issue out of it. Drug industry is huge, making attempts to shut it down is making thousands and thousands of people unemployed. What will people involve in professions like these say about the condition of the state?

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Moreover, PM Modi claims to have decades of experience in politics but unfortunately hasn’t learned even the simple fundas from Indian National Congress. Congress very comfortably used Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) to generate extra employment. Whenever required, just asked any of the PSU to hire lacs of youth and a few years later asked the same PSU to come up with fancy schemes to award voluntary retirement to some of its employees. As an example, Airtel achieved and accomplished more than BSNL with just 10-15 thousand manpower as compared to 3-4 lacs of BSNL employees. And every now and then you would hear schemes for voluntary retirement for BSNL employees. Did you or did you not? It doesn’t matter if the PSU goes bankrupt. But at least, unemployment is not a discussion point. Make sense? BJP should have at least done this to generate employment. But they didn’t, I don’t know why.

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I mean forget about the job aspects for once, the government is cutting the sources of happiness for people. I mean, no drugs, no weed, no porn – its already banned in India, crackdown on women trafficking hitting the prostitution industry etc. etc. And even after all these cruelties, the boys wanted to just simply, in peace, stand in front of a girls school or college and ogle at the beautiful creation of god, pass on sleazy comments, obstruct them, feel them, but no! the government could not digest even the smallest thread of happiness and created Romeo Squad to beat the happiness out of them. What is left for the youth to do? Don’t they have any kind of freedom? No wonder the happiness index is going down!

Why should these people and millions of others like them who aren’t yet caught vote for the party who is not letting them live? These millions and millions of people, shall never, can never and will never vote for BJP. And please don’t make a fool out of yourself that their votes will be divided among SP, BSP, Congress and AIMIM. No that won’t happen, simply because they know why they are voting and what is at stake. They know what to do to defeat BJP. Only Bhakts are confused; some might enjoy a holiday, some are still not sure why to vote, some might vote their castes, some might have some other reasoning. So, chances of BJP winning are slim unless everyone knows exactly why they are voting or not voting.

Thank you for your time and patience. Please let me know your views via comments and if you like the article do share it with other Bhakts.

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Anant Chetan
Anant Chetan
An aficionado blogger and an engineer by profession. By qualifications, a Masters in Embedded System Design.
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