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वर्तमान की युवापीढ़ी और फैंसी आंदोलन

साम्यवाद के भ्रमित करने वाले शब्द व स्वर को आधुनिक शब्द छलावा में पेश कर कविता आवृत्ति होती है। बस किसी भी तरह देश की आंशिक जनसंख्या को प्रभावित करके मिथ्या प्रोपगंडा को सच्चाई में बदलने का कोशिश चालू रहता है।

Don’t denigrate Indian democracy please

Modi government works along the lines of “Development with Dharma”. In six years, Modi government has launched several schemes and worked for the welfare of people from all sections of society.

Anil Vij COVAXIN incident proves the authenticity of vaccine trials

Instead of believing rumors, read why this incident proves that COVAXIN trials is absolutely authentic and as per scientific norms

Be correct, not politically correct

Shaming someone else automatically gives you a character certificate. Till the time someone doesn’t shame you.

Recommender systems and their great baggage

What is so interesting about this term? What do they imply? Do they deserve our concern? Before we get into that, let’s dive deeper into its connection with our day to day lives.

The digital disconnect

Have you lost the tendency of mindful reading with deep concentration? Do you feel difficulty in staying focused and your mind tempt to switch frequently for something else to do? Lets see why undue digitalisation is skating on the thin ice?

It was never a DILEMMA!

Social media is a ubiquitous reality of our lives. This write-up intends to see it impact in light of the evolution of artificial intelligence.

Social media campaigns – A new ground of Hindu hatred

India's opposition parties spread hatred and venom against Hinduism during election season is nothing new. They're continuing this practice by spreading fake news on social media!

Snapping TikTok, signalling Twitter: Ban and beyond

Eardrums of Twitter, Facebook and Wikipedia must have felt the sensation of govt's slap on the cheeks of TikTok-plus-58

Corona and a new breed of social media intellectuals

Opposing an individual turned into opposing betterment of your own country and countrymen.

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