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CPI(M)’s unconditional help to China

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In 1962 when we were attacked by the Communist Chinese, all the Indians were united except the left leaning Communist Parties. Our Fellow politicians and apolitical leaders were asking for help from the common men of India to help out India. But still there was one party who choose China over India: Communist party of India. While the Chinese would never support Russia (birth place of failed idea of Communism), CPI supported China, without having a tiniest amount of shame proving the age old phrase ‘Traitors are the worst enemies’. We lost 1962 with a huge chunk of our land Tibbat. This war still haunts us as it gained the Chinese upper hand on Indian border and mindset.

Recently Chinese as their idea of expansionism, entered into border of Bhutan- managed mutually by Indian army and Bhutanese Army. As the matter go around Indians asked Modi government to take a strong action towards Chinese but Government didn’t listen, after which centre was ridiculed by Indians for not handling the issue aggressively. Seeing the internal outrage, government lastly started playing diplomatic games with Chinese and as a part of it they welcomed Army chief of Bhutan on red carpet to frustrate China to the core. Whatever, issue is still boiling but it didn’t stop our Communist Party of India to support the Chinese. They (CPI-M) recently said on their journal ‘People’s Democracy’,: ‘India should let Bhutan take the lead in negotiating with China on the disputed Doklam Plateau and other disputed territories instead of getting involved itself”.

Bhutan is not just a neighbor, it is brother and an all weather ally. India which is cursed for not having good neighborhood, Bhutan stands as an exception. Not only that, Bhutan also works as a barrier between India and Autocratic China. India supports Bhutan and in turn they support India. Both have a long history to stand for each other, which the CPI-M forgets or at least shows the ignorance. CPI-M should understand their responsibilities as a party of India, and understand that when a political party say things like this, it is surely to destroy the relationship. Tough they are carrying the truckload of a failed idea, they should at least also carry some common sense. They (CPI-M) are the useful idiots for the Chinese. Chinese wants India to call back her troops from the Bhutan-China border, the same thing is now said by the Communist Party of India. If we look at history we should take this stand of CPI-M with great cynicism.

CPI-M is an apt example of ‘curst cows have short horns’. India should be aware of its internal enemies as well as external enemies.

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