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Kejriwal promised us to give free water, but never told us like this!

Since last 10 years, Delhi has got nothing except free electricity, and these days it’s getting free water in abundance as well.

The impact of Delhi’s air pollution on health and tourism

Delhi is home to so many tourist attractions that are attracting tourists from all around the world. But, due to air pollution that is increasing in Delhi day by day, the number of tourists is impacted massively.

Delhi’s landfills: Can they become a past?

Now that AAP has won the elections the question is that can these landfills actually be removed? And what will it take to actually do it?

NAS Survey 2021: Here is how it exposes the ‘Krantikari’ Education model of the Delhi government

NAS report 2021 was released by The Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Education and it exposes Arvind Kejriwal model

No journalist from Gujarat met Arvind Kejriwal: RTI Reveals Kejriwal’s lie on Twitter

In an RTI reply clears that Arvind Kejriwal's bubble of lies has been busted and his portrayal of Delhi's education and health model is nothing but a mirage which ends with lies.

Rising prominence of local political parties

2021 has been a bad year for the major political parties in India. Out of a total of 5 State elections, both the BJP and Congress lost three to local parties i.e. TMC in West Bengal, AIADMK in Tamil Nadu and CPI(M) in Kerala.

Murder, rape, & lynching: The descent of farm ranchers into terrorism

On the off chance that boorishness and ruthlessness had a human face in this day and age, it'd be the supposed ranchers crouching at the lines of India's public capital city, Delhi.

Repeal the law, not reform

Without developing new markets for the more dynamic lines of activity, agriculture, farmers and the economy will be stuck with a slow-moving cereal economy.

A requiem for the last “King” and the first war for “Freedom”

The Last Mughal is one of the most exhaustive and well-written accounts of not only the end of one of the greatest dynasties of the country but also of one of the most brutal and spirited war for independence that the British ever had to face.

Defogging Delhi’s budget claims

This article is not about evaluating Delhi’s performance. This is merely a check about the tax collection claim.

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