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Kejriwal promised us to give free water, but never told us like this!

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I’m born and brought-up in Delhi. I am very proud of being a citizen of Delhi, as it has been the epicenter of power in India since always. It’s the CAPITAL. And Delhi being the capital, it should be the most advanced city of our country. And till 2014, Delhi was very much on track. Very bluntly saying, I’m not a fan of Congress, but during the rule of late Mrs. Sheila Dixit, who was the longest serving Chief minister of Delhi (from 1998 till 2013) Delhi grew. It got metro lines, new universities, infrastructure and what not.

Under her 15 yearlong leadership, Delhi was transformed for the good. Flyovers at AIIMS, Barapullah, outer ring road, which are today the major and key roads for the connectivity of the city were developed under her rule. During CWW 2011, Delhi was revamped to another level. Charges of corruption over CWW 2011 development project are the subject for another discussion, but Delhi got what it worth during her rule. From Modernizing Airport to preserving monuments, everything was taken care of.

Revolution in public transport, when all the public transport vehicles were made to run on CNG, Delhi’s environment was also happy. In 2013, Delhi was the greenest capital in the world, by the margin of more than 22% more green coverage then the second one.

Everything was on the track. Delhi was one of the most advanced cities of the country. But then…

In 2014, A leader, or to be honest, a clown came in the limelight. he showed some tricks. Used a scheme which most of the industries use to earn profit. The scheme was let the people think is their profit, while making profit for himself. Just like brands sell free products to increase their sales, he offered free water and electricity to the Capital. And surprisingly they fell for it.

They gave him the power to use or abuse his power, and in return they are just happy getting free electricity and water. And that’s How the city got its new Chief Minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal. He is CM of the city for around last 10 years but still wear chappals and oversize shirt to look poor and Aam admi. And I don’t know who gave him the description of Aam admi, because as far as I know, Aam admi loves to wear good clothes, and he is not at all fan of being or looking poor. And the worst thing, people are actually falling for all his facade.

Since last 10 years, Delhi has got nothing except free electricity, and these days it’s getting free water in abundance as well.

What is the basic thing anyone would do to develop the city? I asked this question to my 4-year-old play school going cousin, he said I’ll make good roads. But this man does not think of it. Guess what he gave? cheap alcohol and lowers the drinking age. Today, Delhi is drowning, only because it doesn’t have up to the mark drainage system. It doesn’t have the perfectly draining roads. Yes, the capital, which was once the most or one of the most developed cities, does not have the drainage system to cope up today’s environmental stress. And who is responsible for all this? The CM, right? but he doesn’t think it’s his responsibility. He is still crying and saying that “Modi ji se meri Dilli Nai sambal Rahi”. As they say, when clowns are in charge, we must expect the circus. Since 2013, City hasn’t got one single new university, no new contract of infrastructure has signed and nothing. Delhi is practically stuck with public amenities of 2013 in 2023 except that now it has debt of Rs.34,800 crores, and it is also planning to borrow Rs.5000 crores this year also. All his close people are going to prison one by one for the charges of corruption, and people still think that he is the most “sacha aam aadmi”. Like is it possible that my best friend will commit something and I will be totally unaware about it? No right? If anything is possible is that even I am involved in my best friend’s drama, and the day he got caught, I just throw him under the bus. And that just proves that I am not even a good friend. But at least the people who elected him to power got free and surplus water now. Hope Delhi peeps enjoying their “jhillon ka sheher with scenic view”. And I really hope that, people’s thirst for free water is now satisfied and won’t ask for the free items in next assembly elections.

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