Friday, December 9, 2022
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Samratt Mishra

I’m Samratt Mishra, a college student. I like to call myself a bookaholic. I have my own blog where I do discuss top books in any niches. Reviewing books made my happiness to be a commitment to responsibility. Each book gives me different perceptions of different fields of life. In addition to discussing the best books, I write articles on the education niche in which I try to include the best information that can be of great use to you.

Education needs to be affordable!

Today educational institutions are taking arbitrary fees and increasing their own bank balances. They do not even think about the condition of their students how they are paying their fees.

Why has “Dangal” become the highest grossing Hindi film?

Dangal won many awards such as Filmfare Awards, Mirchi Music Awards, News 18 Movies Awards, Zee Cine Awards, National Film Awards, Star Screen Awards, and many more.

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