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Open Letter to PM Modi – Debunk MSM to save the Nation

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Respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi,

Hope you’re doing fine and wish you a healthy life.

I’m Sudhamsh living in USA and I can tell you I was never as proud as I’m since you represented the country.  The amount of respect and influence you bought to the nation is commendable. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication towards the nation- that motivates me to do more for my people back home.

I would also like to mention that I’m very happy to see how the misters are working- specially Suresh Prabhu, Sushma Swaraj, Manohar Parrikar, Nitin Gadkari, VK Singh, Piyush Goyal etc who are leading by example because of which there is a crystal clear difference between the present government and the previous governments.

That being said, I should say I’m very saddened by the current affairs in India, especially for the last six months. I can understand there are certain issues which we need to deal with as a nation like Economy, Black money, Corruption, Pakistan infiltrated terrorism(Ex: LOC, Pathankot), Kashmir issue (Both home grown and by other terrorist org) , Communal Issues and so on but the larger problem today the country faces is the propaganda which is being spread by multiple sources in defaming the country’s image.

It is heart wrenching to see the main stream media playing major role to push this negative agenda. It is very clear that there are some genuine cases but at the same time there are many manufactured issues (Intolerance, award wapsi, sympathizing with terrorists – trying to divide the nation, downplay the achievements etc) just to get back against you. I find this ridiculous and shocking. As an individual for me nothing is more important than my country and its people. It is shocking to see people being biased because of their political inclinations and losing their ability to call a spade a spade.

The proportion of such is very less but are enough to do the damage. I’m sick of some groups which solely work to diminish everything that is against them for the greed of power and are even ready to join hands with enemies for that reason. I wish people are more responsible and be critical of everything which is wrong instead of cherry picking issues which suits their point. It is constructive to be helpful to achieve a solution instead of just criticize. No government is perfect, it is all about how willing they are to make themselves better by correcting their mistakes and being productive at the end of the day.

I request you to GO ALL IN on these forces which are trying to defame the country for their political reasons. I request the Indian Government to establish some kind of commission or agency like CBI who can go on them with IRON HAND on their wrong doings to deliberately maligning the country’s image and set an example to everyone that country comes first. Period. I’m 100% sure that the silent majority is with you who can think sane and understands how important it is to support a government which is striving hard to uplift the poor and put the country on development track.

As a citizen I ask for stringent action towards the genuine issues which happened and punish all those who are involved both within the party and outside. I request you to find a way to control/punish all the hot heads inside the party and not give any chances for these propagandists to use it against the party. Doing this will outshine other parties like congress which is rotten to core and hopeless(Thanks to RaGa Baba). In my opinion, right now there is no better party than BJP for center under your leadership. I’m tired of the corrupt congress which destroyed the country and no big hopes on regional parties. I’m glad and happy to see the way government is performing with respect to the growth and wish that it continues in the same manner and keep the country corruption free.

Anyhow in this critical time I can imagine how difficult it is to make decisions and lead the nation but would like to remind you that without handling these forces and their machinery who are power greed and used to all the corrupt life style(Big time politicians and especially some journos) will make it even hard for you and the country to prosper. I hope you consider this and do the necessary damage control. Thank you.

Jai Hind

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