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What is wrong with our Media?

Focus on wrong news, and playing politics by other means have become part of media.

NDTV reports about salt price rumour with a headline that helps in spreading the rumour

NDTV acted irresponsibly by drafting a headline that helped in spreading rumour about salt prices.

The Fourth Estate and the Fifth Column!

For TRP and sensationalization, media has deviated a lot from its prime goals

A heartfelt Thank you! To Arnab Goswami.

I would like to thank Mr. Arnab Goswami for standing up for voices like me.

NDTV and others have done it again! This time it is Thrissur Pooram

Media once again tries to distort the picture

Open Letter to Barkha Dutt from a Communal Saffron Lunatic Fringe Element

Dear Eminent Intellectual Journalist Barkha Dutt, I got to read your open letter to PM Modi, which prompted me to reply. As usual, your opening argument...

Yellow Journalism: Hitjob against Gujarat Government

The invention of a "scam" from nothing

A ‘cruel joke’ – the photo hit-job on Modi by The Hindu

Highlighting selective photos is the latest hitjob method

Characteristics of Pseudo-intellectuals on day of Terror Attack

Tell tale features of Pseudo Intellectuals

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