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What is wrong with our Media?

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One who is watching the TV Or reading the Newspapers Or reading social media messaging services will be aware of the so called Nasty, Crude and Boorish comments made by the BJP leaders about Taj Mahal. How he can speak about our Proud Mughal ancestry and Monuments that Mughals made by utilizing only the Mughal laborers, only Mughal designs and architects and only Mughal personal money and gifted to India as unmovable property.

The ones which could be moved had already been moved to British (another of our ancestors from the same analogy- apparently the attackers of the country get indemnified and become the historical rulers of the country if they happen to make one beautiful building after razing thousands of temples/beautiful buildings). I am certain that readers will agree to media support for asking the mentioned BJP leader’s resignation or summary sacking from the party.

At the same time some more events have taken place which hardly could be noted by common person getting the news through the above mentioned media. Let us review such news here:

  • SIT in Gauri Lankesh’murder claimed that no evidence is available after a month of investigation as to WHO DID IT? However all learned scholars already know the murderers sitting in their drawing rooms and openly claimed that from their tweeter handles or media bytes. Media of course is silent for the updates and no questions are asked from the local government as secular credentials are all that you want from a government and rest all issues are secondary in Independent India.
  • At the same time in the same city, a woman was attacked brutally for reporting regarding the animal smuggling attempts or whatever the issue was. However this mob attack is widely considered as probably the freedom of expression of the mob and cannot, should not and would not be compared to any other incident which happens in the other states where communal party is ruling after farcical, EVM fraud type elections.
  • Surprisingly in the same city mentioned above, civic amenities have gone for a toss after heavy rains. There are multiple deaths resulting from accidents due to pot holes in the roads but still the media remains occupied somewhere else as government of the state has committed itself to secular causes.
  • Some other secular government in the Eastern part of India made it impossible to follow the religious traditions on Durga Pooja OR Chatth puja in October but still no media outlet was outraged and no tweeter hashtags were trending. This was because the government of the state falls in POOL A – Type Secular and thus exempted from such criticism.
  • A news website published a possibly defamatory or surely suggestive article for Mr Jay Shah and ended up getting sued by the person in his individual capacity. After seeing the writing on the wall, the editor himself acknowledged on his Urdu channel (available on You tube at this link) that story does not mean any wrong doing or even allege the impropriety on the individual part. He claims that only facts have been highlighted in the story. Once such acknowledgement is available from the editor himself, why the issue became so hyped for the opposition parties? Probably because finding an ounce of the corruption or even a smell of it against the communal party will come as Diwali bonanza to Oppn parties. Anyways the matter is in court and judgment is awaited.
  • On the issue of Economy, IMF was being quoted when they reduced the growth forecast by all the media channels. However same IMF positive story for Indian economy is not being considered by the same channels. The only negative effect of Demonetization what i can understand is creation of overnight economy experts in India. (my article – Demonetization- irony of morality)

The incidents list is long and readers probably have got an idea of the situation.

What one can understand and realize that India mass media including the social media is operating in 2 modes- Pro Modi and Anti Modi. No wonder that Prime Minister has acquired the larger than life persona as India seem to be rallying around him praising him or criticizing him. Gone are the days when one would be able to praise the Govt for good jobs/planning and criticize them for bad plans/decisions.

Nowadays either you are with the government or against it. This sums up the condition that our country is in today and probably remained so for so many years as people are blinded by their political alliances and switch to praise/criticize Govt actions depending upon the political benefits or losses that they will incur.

A funny example comes to mind that leading opposition party ran to Election commission in Jan 2017 as the Centre Govt was advancing the Annual Budget date to First week of Feb 2017. The party claimed that budget incentives will affect the coming state elections in March 2017. EC could not stop the Govt and budget was announced as planned. However the same party leaders were now criticizing the budget as anti-people and what not. They also claimed that people will teach the Govt a lesson in state elections for such anti –people budget and demonetization.

When election results were announced, the communal party had won a land slide victory. Now same leaders were back on media channels considering the demonetization was done to win political mileage. Such is the value of logic in Indian politics.

This is quite understandable in political parties but how one can explain the same among media reporters, anchors, scholars, authors and common people

It is sad to find such animosity among social media users such that even family members/religious beliefs are targeted over minor altercations. This is the high price which country has to pay for electing a communal Govt at the centre. So the choice is clear and written on the wall- India can have a secular Govt with corruption or communal Govt with honesty. Yes we are between a rock and a hard place

Let us pray and wish for the best and hope that logic/sanity to prevail in coming days

Shubh Deepawali wishes to All.

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