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UP + YOGI= UPYOGI, Let me explain why!

Within minutes of change of Government and change of CM, these small scale thugs will re-appear, unite and bring back the criminal syndicate alive as there will be no restrictions left.

Who gets the credit for Free Vaccine to All

The credit goes to the HINDUs of this nation and please read background story for understanding what exactly happened.

Who gets to decide?

Who gets to decide: If there are number of farmers protesting these laws, there are also other farmers who appear to be satisfied with the new laws and want them to remain in-forced.

Why Narendra Modi is Winning 2019

In 2019, with 500 million smart phone users, with access to information and a disgustingly abysmal performance record of previous government, voters have now arrived at the political maturity when they decide their vote holds a greater importance.

The road ahead-2019: Year of the Modi

2019 is an election year and here are a few basic and ground level suggestions by a common man for the BJP which may give an impact on its performance in 2019 elections.

BBC Boss interview with Mahismati reporter on fake news article

Satire- An Interview with BBC Boss.

Why I am Not a Troll

Terming most social media users as trolls is the fitting revenge most mainstream media anchors have been waiting for

Where are Achchhe Din my friends?

Here is an answer to this oft-repeated question

Exclusive report, from future, on how CJI was impeached

A satirical take on the ongoing controversy about impeachment of the Chief Justice of India.

6 questions to Arvind Kejriwal on AAP MLAs being disqualified for holding Office of Profit

There can be more questions but these 6 should be enough to clarify the intentions of the AAP

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