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The road ahead-2019: Year of the Modi

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Wish us all a Very Happy and Game Changing 2019

The New Year is here and wishing pleasantries to each other is in the air. However it should not be forgotten that we have just entered 2019, the year of the Lok Sabha General Elections and a test for all those Modi supporters/fans to come together leaving whatever they are currently engaged for. I have mentioned before and re-iterating it here that 2019 is way more important than 2014.
As more and more negative propaganda is spread against Mr Modi and his achievements are hidden from (by) the main stream media, the victory in 2019 cannot be taken for granted. We all need to work together to ensure a comfortable victory for Mr Modi in 2019 to take the country forward and make sure all his schemes are concluded to provide the good governance to all.

Here, I try to put forward my suggestions for a BJP victory in 2019:

1. It is evident that some Media channels, online platforms are extremely biased against BJP. With immediate effect, all BJP and RSS leaders should stop appearing on all such channels, stop personal interviews, stop giving them media bytes and stop getting these reporters any access to inside information at all. As a result, these people will be angry and will come out more openly against BJP (if such a state is not already there) and tackling them will become easy. While doing this, we understand only few media channels and online platforms will be available for BJP and they should be used extensively and proactively. It is a propaganda war and needs all out efforts to counter this.

2. There will be twisting of statements, partial videos, WhatsApp messages, Facebook posts against BJP Leaders. Some fake stories will also be spread in the masses. BJP IT Cell workers should be trained to look for such content and take counter measures immediately. Anyone found writing an article on behalf of RSS top sources/BJP core team and badmouthing the Government should be investigated and if it is a fake news, the reporter should be made to apologise in public. There is no way that wrong reporting should be accepted or ignored as a minor issue.

3. All BJP workers at booth level should be trained for at least one week and explained all important data, effects of the government schemes in last 5 years, the status of economy and other positive steps taken by Modi Govt. Further to this, each attending worker has to spread this news to each voter in his booth and remain in constant touch with them. Each worker should be in direct contact with each Voter in his area and any WhatsApp forward/Facebook post or fake propaganda should be in the knowledge of the booth worker to take counter measures immediately

4. Mr Modi must announce positive schemes and welfare plans for next five years for his government from 2019 to 2024 in all his rallies. Now the speech should only contain 2014 manifesto and target completion and next targets for 2024. There should be power point presentations, slide shows in all rallies in the native language of the attending people

5. Mr Modi should also visit four major religious places- Maa Vaishno Devi in JK, Rameshwaram in Tamilnadu, Maa Kamakhya in Assam and Somnath Temple in Gujarat. Out of these, Maa Vaishno Devi visit should be on foot like a common devotees. These are important steps for the sentiments of Indians and should be completed with lot of devotion

6. Mr Modi should announce Bharat Ratna awards to Opposition leaders who have been ignored by Congress governments like Shri PVN Rao ji and other such respected leaders

7. Mr Modi should announce a scheme for all Religious tour and travels – an exclusive board to have offices in each district headquarter and any person can approach them and plan their all India religious travel. This facility to be free for all senior people without any source of income and reasonable cost from others who can pay. The idea is to spread the nationalism via religious tourism and let people travel together and spread the words for the Modi Government. This should be a permanent board and will boost the domestic tourism to its peak.

8. In the coming Budget 2019, tax relief should be given to working classes and feedback from the people to be taken and implemented. BJP should be able to provide data to people that so and so people had advised to make the tax slabs such and we have accepted the people command as we are here to serve the people.

9. GST council meeting to be held and maximum tax slab to be reduced to 18% at the most and resulting cost saving for people for all items as compared to pre-GST era to be explained to all Indians.

10. There should be a separate program and all Freedom fighters belonging to various states to be specially recognised and awarded. Shahid Bhagath Singh, Azad, Rajguru, Bismil and others- all of these brave young men should be remembered and recognised in Parliament function.

11. All ISRO scientists and other achievers of India should be invited to the Rashtrahpati Bhavan and special award ceremony to be held for them. This should include the Scientists, economists, start up entrepreneurs, social workers, engineers and doctors etc. The function should be also utilised to present the government achievement with such people participation which is Making India Great Again.

12. Power and water supply to be 100% in all BJP ruled states and any complaint to be handled promptly. The idea is that no one should be able to counter the claim and this should be a ground reality rather than a false promise. This can be easily ensured by pushing the authority at local level to comply to government requirements.

13. Police should be highly sensitised in BJP ruled states and there should be zero complaints against police staff for bribe or harassment. This can also be ensured by involving and authorising the superintendent of police in each district.

14. There should be zero tolerance for harassment of patients in government hospitals and health units. The responsibility should be fixed and action to be taken promptly if any complaint is received. Booth workers should be encouraged to contact the common people to understand the effectiveness of above mentioned points 12,13 and 14. These are the most common need of the people and these reforms will ensure people do not fall for false propaganda as they will be aware of the ground reality.

There can be many more suggestions but I have highlighted the few which are easy to implement and effect can be seen within few months when people will be getting ready to vote in 2019.

No BJP spokesperson should be speaking poorly about the opposition leaders and all should be maintaining a polite but firm response to their opponents in debates. Their response should be factual and highlighting the government achievements only. There is no logic or advantage in involving yourselves with meaningless allegations and counter-allegations

There is a great sympathy in MP/CG/Rajasthan Voters now for their EX CM- it is suggested that all three CMs (especially Shivraj ji) are immediately included in the Central cabinet. If this is not possible then all the three CMs to be given the big responsibility for 2019 in their respective states and asked to meet each voter from their state and request for vote for Modi ji in 2019. They have a unique personal connect now with the masses and should be utilised to the fullest.

Last but not the least, Modi Ji to use his aura to look in the eyes of Indians and explain them the requirement to bring a Bharat Mata’s Son back in 2019.

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