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Exclusive report, from future, on how CJI was impeached

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Hello Everyone

This is the Court Reporter from Supreme Court of Mahismati and this is my third report from the court premises. Earlier two were regarding the crackers ban and judge’s Press Conference.

In an interesting turn of events, 74 Rajya Sabha Sadasya of Mahismati joined hands and sent a letter of understanding to the Vice President of Mahismati. The group initiated the impeachment proceedings against the CJI as only the other day they had asked CJI to contribute to Pooja Pandal in their Residential Society KV Sector 93 which CJI flatly refused. This was good enough reason as Gross Misconduct and sign of incapacitation on part of CJI. No respecting member of any Residential Society refuses to share the contribution on Pooja Pandal or other religious functions which are celebrated all year round in our great nation.

The above financial dispute appears as Prime reason for the request to Impeachment and there are 4 other reasons which forced the right thinking members to proceed without delay. Other 4 unconfirmed reasons are as below-

• CJI refused to inform the details of Duckworth Louis system and empirical formula even though all lawyers/members/judges/society members pleaded with folded hands
• CJI was humbly requested to share the secret for Dosa Omlette which he makes frequently but he refused
• CJI was gifted with IPL passes for DD and SH games and he forced the fellow judges to watch those games live in stadium on his behalf
• Last but not the least, CJI advised all judges to declare their assets in public domain and inform the common folks the reasons for change of fortune once they were elevated to the present ranks

However as a surprising turn of events, the VP rejected the peaceful proposal to impeach the CJI and the peaceful herd has come back to Supreme Court. One of the Ring leader, lawyer Mr Brashtant Pusan has shown his amazement for the rejection of the proposal by VP. Mr Pusan clarified that Mr VP cannot reject this proposal in his capacity and the word “PROVEN MISCONDUCT TO ACCEPT PROPOSAL” or “VP CAN ACCEPT OR REJECT” are written in the constitution for cosmetic purpose only.

Mr Pusan also vows to impeach the VP once he is free from another pressing issue which requires his immediate attention. You see, he is standing for the election of the president in his Patel Nagar Mohalla Samitee. This election is very crucial for him as he has never won any election in his life and does not want to take any risk at this crucial juncture.

The story is unfolding as we speak and stay tuned for more in the matter

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