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Where are Achchhe Din my friends?

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Where are Ache Din my friends?

As 2019 elections approaching us, an anxiety awaits this great nation. There is a sense of urgency in air, millions conspiracies in pipe lines, all institutions being defamed and “no holds barred” fight is ON. All resources at opponent’s disposal- media, newspapers, and lobbyists are firing on full cylinders to ensure that Modi loses the election in 2019. Just 5 years and opponents have realized that Outsider chaiwallah proved to be more harmful to their well-crafted lutyens organic atmosphere than they had cared to anticipate. He singlehandedly demolished their empires and brought them to the edges of existential crisis. But now, Opponents have fully realized the danger and planning is in full swing to take him out of the equation by any means.

2019 election will be a bigger game changer for India than 2014. Yes, I said that with all sincerity and I believe it to be true. I have always maintained that 2014 was more of UPA’s loss than Modi’s win. Modi just had to kick the garbage and PM’s post was easy plucking going by the atmosphere in 2014. Also, Opponents were lazy, dumb and too complacent or too ignorant or both to see the wind blowing against them (it could be in any one favor but was definitely against UPA)

Mr Modi joined office in 2014 and nation rejoiced with his elevation. True to his character, he enthused the nation with positivity and ambition. Ache din were coming and “people” could not be happier. I do not count the corrupt officials, politicians and media persons as “people” so they remain excluded from any general remarks of people related expression.

Mr Modi brought the freshness and made sweeping policy changes and wheel was set in motion. One success led to another and here we are- in the foremost line in the world leading on almost all parameters in economy, science, defense, agriculture and people life styles up gradation. However one must not fail to realize that more needs to be done with regards to caste discrimination, terrorism, farmer’s issues, unemployment, road safety, drought, floods, street crime, rapes and religious bigotry.

Having said that, now is the time to stand in JAN BHAGIDARI movement and share our responsibility rather than criticize the government for any and everything. We are lucky to have someone in office who wants the job to be done and will ensure ideas are set in motion and results achieved.

Thus, it is time to make sure that Modi is elected again with more seats than 2014 to show him our support, our appreciation, our thankfulness for someone who has worked hard for all of us for the past 4 years. This is what makes 2019 more important than 2014. If we are able to retain our No 1 option as PM, we shall be all set to reap the rewards set within, if Modi loses and we have Shri Rahul Gandhi or Kumari Mayawati as our next PM, well, nothing needs to be added to that nightmare to present any scary picture than it already is.

There are illogical morons around to ask dumb questions and rhetorical statements are made without any basis against Mr Modi achievements. In my opinion, these jokers should be left in their echo chambers forever. However some of the criticism is justified and should be taken into account for prompt handling in the next 5 years. Some of the logical critics have asked what happened to “Ache Din”. Here is my answer for signs of “Ache Din” arrival-

• Tax collection is all time high
• People paying direct taxes are all time high
• Road constructions/day are all time high
• All villages have electricity after 75 years
• Toilet access is all time high
• India is clean now and expected to get cleaner day by day
• Access to LPG is all time high
• Corruption in high places/Govt is NIL- No major scam reported despite of Media smelling every nook and corner for the same
• Nationalistic feelings are all time high
• India’s position in the world is in Best domains in all respect
• India defense forces satisfaction level is all time high with OROP/Defense equipment procurement policy remain in satisfactory region.
• Railway expansion/project update is arguably the best
• Projects delivery on time is in best performance zone
• Response of authority to people demand is in best domain
• All biased media persons are badly exposed
• All corrupt politicians are fighting for survival making unnatural alliances
• There is wave of logical social media user to counter the false propaganda by MSM
• There are good news all around
• Pessimistic international agendas are getting exposed by the minute
• Happy feelings among the masses for the direction the country has taken
• Hostile nations are getting jittery with India performance
• Black money stashed abroad is reducing
• Financial fraudsters are running for their life
• I could go on and on but guess you get the drift

Ladies and Gentlemen- YES, Ache din are here and it is up to us to ensure such days remain here as permanent fixture.

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