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UP + YOGI= UPYOGI, Let me explain why!

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Once more, time to perform our democratic duty has come knocking on our doors. Once again, it’s time to make every individual vote to count in choosing the best possible candidate for the representation of millions. The collective wisdom of the society is put to test as the state gears up for yet another election.

As a ‘UP wala’, I am ready to play my role in this election that will decide the fate of my state from March 2022 to March 2027. In the last election, we voted without a ‘CM candidate face’ from BJP and gave a thumping majority by putting our faith and trust in Mr Modi alone. Fortunately, this time, we don’t have to rely on Mr Modi leadership alone, as his trusted appointee to the CM position came out with flying colours in his tenure from 2017 to 2022. It’s time to re-elect Shri Yogi Adityanath Jee based simply on his list of goals achieved as Chief Minister of UP.

UP always had all the resources, the funds, the will-power of people, the weather, water, fertile land, proximity to the capital and played a major role in nation’s politics. However, for unfathomable reason the state itself remained in pathetic condition, without basic facilities like access to electricity, water, housing, toilets, good roads, medical and engineering colleges of repute and to top it all a less than appropriate law and order situation.

We always had the best of students being selected for prestigious and ‘hard to get’ professions such as UPSC, Medical, Engineering and PHD fields. The state was the epicentre of spiritual, religious, cultural and education in India since ages. Yet, we remain less than developed, always to be smirked upon by other states and a synonym of poverty and corruption.

Did anyone bother to think what, where, why, when and how, it all went so horribly wrong for Uttar Pradesh? Possibly when a huge state walks like a giant, condition of tail dragged in mud is inconsequential for the head.

In my opinion, the root cause of all that ailed UP so far (no surprises here!) was the dismal Law and order situation. A weak law and order situation gives birth to ‘colony of small goons’ who create a localized ruckus and trouble for the local residents. This model scaled up to a district and state level and before you know what’s happening, big crime syndicates got established. The crime flourished and started to engulf everything that was good and gave birth to the moss of corruption and violence everywhere. Businessmen were troubled for ransom or protection money and then the ill-acquired wealth was distributed among policemen and politicians to make the newly developed business model of crime to become sustainable, scalable and gain permanence.

History clearly shows many CMs coming and going and fail invariably to do anything about the crumbling law and order situation. The state continued on the road to destruction despite giving clear majority to all politically available options. No one could control the criminal masterminds as all politicians, big or small, were somehow related to these syndicates in some manner or other and were the beneficiary of this system directly or indirectly.

Then came the election of 2017. The public was already disappointed with two of the major political forces that were elected with absolute majority, BSP in 2007-to 2012 and SP in 2012 to 2017, respectively. Having watched UP going worse to worst, citizens on a subconscious level decided to take a chance on BJP under the leadership of Mr Modi. By 2017, we had all witnessed Mr Modi leadership skills for 3 years in India and abroad and had accepted him to be the tallest leader in India. A ray of hope emerged. UP believed a better future, a Gujrat Model might just be possible and hence, BJP won majestically!

Mr Modi chose Shri Yogi Adityanath jee to be the CM probably because of his strict work ethics and the fact that he was detached from the worldly materialism and muddy politics. It appeared he would be the task master with “Seedhi baat, no bakwaas” approach and may be, just may be UP would be whipped into shape.

Shri Yogi Adityanath jee created a task force of chosen bureaucrats and police officers to start cleaning of the law and order system. Many big names in the crime syndicates were either arrested or forced to leave UP. Once the whip was cracked at the top, the bottom dwellers thugs on street were straightened out automatically.

UP saw a big change in the law and order situation and rest everything started to fall in line as the hard working people knew how everything else could be done anyways and since ages. Shri Yogi Adityanath jee also completed many other developmental projects and that is a fact which can be noticed by the people who are willing to find it with their eyes and ears open. Neither the work can be proven to the agenda filled minds with perpetual hatred for the Bhagwa and nor it is needed to be proved to them. They are not the audience of this article anyways.

Now comes the election for 2022 and we all must realize the hard work that has gone into making UP what it is today and to note that smaller thugs were not put in jail and they are simply keeping a low profile and abiding their time. Within minutes of change of Government and change of CM, these small scale thugs will re-appear, unite and bring back the criminal syndicate alive as there will be no restrictions left. Recent social media clips give the tell-tale stories of such elements craving to re-appear and reclaim their syndicate.

Do we want that to happen? Do we doubt whatever is written here is beyond any solid background although with marginal assumptions? Do we choose a government for our caste members or for our society and state? Do we not have any obligation to make sure UP is not derailed from the path it has taken now? Do we?

“Answer my friend, is blowing in the wind”

My Vote is for Shri Yogi Adityanath to be CM again.


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