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Why Narendra Modi is Winning 2019

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The 2019 Lok Sabha elections are here. There is nothing more important for any Indian than to think and choose their leader who will take the country on the right path. This is extremely important for a vibrant nation to vote wisely and continue the efforts that have been made in the last five years and to expedite the development which has just started. Now, I could start listing out the gigantic efforts that have been taken in the last five years but stating the obvious proves to be mundane for the enlightened ones.

So let me take you to an unchartered territory which makes one think about possible effect of the Opposition coming around in 2019 as one team and its effect on the election results.

As almost all Opposition political leaders, Opposition media, Opposition intellectuals, Opposition film makers and Opposition sportspersons (to those who are wondering, yes, we have these categories in India—sad but true) most fiercely confirm that ‘MODI KO HARANA HAI TO GATHBANDHAN JARURI HAI’ this only means that Mr. Modi is the most popular political leader and there is no one who can match his popularity in the country. The fear of Modi in opposition heart is so deep that even a Biopic on Modi in election season is making them shiver. An address to Nation for the country’s space achievement is making them so nervous that they are reaching out to Election Commission to complain.

Anyway, let us leave the Opposition leaders with their nervousness for the time being and think about the voters’ affinity with Mr Modi and the charisma that he offers, the promise for delivery, the commitment to honesty and how this will affect the elections results.

As you all know that all opposition leaders went into the huddle and decided to let go of their enmity and join together if they have to fight Mr. Modi in the coming elections. All optics of the Maha-Gathbandhan were sold out to the masses with hand holding and staged pictures. However, the reality comes not as a surprise that virtually NO Gath-Bandhan has materialized anywhere except coming together of 5 MPs of SP and Zero MPs of BSP in Uttar Pradesh. As Opposition Media was waiting for any alliance news to surface from somewhere, this Gath-Bandhan was immediately touted as the next big thing. The assumptions were to the extent that Gathbandhan will single handedly bring down the BJP Government in 2019.

Being a native of Uttar Pradesh and having discussed with many prospective voters, it is concluded that such unholy and opportunistic alliance will not make any difference to the election results. The calculation done by the caste based leaders in their palatial bungalows and media studios are absolutely wrong. The most pleasing aspect of this information is the awareness among the voters and the intent to select the honest and effective leader than to simply go to the booth and select the candidate from your own caste or religion.

In 2019, with 500 million smart phone users, with access to information and a disgustingly abysmal performance record of previous government from the leaders of their caste/religion based parties, these voters have now arrived at the political maturity when they decide their vote holds a greater importance.

The voters will not vote simply because the candidate is from their caste or their religion and will choose the right candidate for the village or for the city they live in or simply will re-affirm his or her faith in Mr Modi. If this faith is to be countered by some Opposition Media expert, he or she can be only defaming the democracy or insulting the people by still insisting that people will not vote for the candidate of merit and still choose their caste over their development.

People are getting mature in the manner that they vote and realizing the gravity of choosing the right leader. You can already witness the majority single party government in all states in recent elections. Similarly the people will vote for a clear majority in 2019 and at this time, it can only be NDA Alliance under the leadership of Mr. Modi.

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