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Who gets the credit for Free Vaccine to All

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So, this guy again flashed on screen on 7th June 2021 and announced FREE VACCINE to all aged over 18 in India. The creamy layer was also provided relief from standing next to stinking middle class as the rich ones could easily drive in and get vaccine by paying little price in private facilities. Once the TV transmission ended, people started to find the person or institute for the credit for free vaccine. Of-course, it could not have been given to the cool dude with white beard on TV, that only happens on X-Mas day so people started to look elsewhere for the credit.

Pidis looked towards their handlers and got the hint so Royal G family got the credit as per Pidis. Aapiyas, another wonderful breed, were not left far behind and credited Shri Kajliwal ji for putting so much pressure on Modi to make free vaccine to all. Leftist were last to respond but credited the communist policy of social welfare which is being stolen by this fascist government. Mr S. Gupta credited himself for paying rupees 645 last year as income tax from rupees 3.9 crores income as per Chartered Accountant sound and reasonable advice. Few Peaceful lot credited the almighty who has done everything and anything in the world including blessing them with 17 kids per wife with four wives per person limit which is very reasonable and humane.

Anyway, truth is stranger than fiction and there comes the twist in the tale. In a true democracy that India is, common folks deserve to know the truth and here is a re-cap of the events unfolding the free vaccine. The credit goes to the HINDUs of this nation and please read background story for understanding what exactly happened.

You see, these uncivilized and superstitious Hindus residing in this land are involved in hazardous activities since ancient time. Environmental care, love for animals and social welfare etc are complete foreign concept for them.  These barbaric people celebrate a festival popularly known as Diwali in October-November each year. During this festival, despite the open criticism from celebrities, these Hindus use fire crackers, diyas and other pollutants and destroy the otherwise pristine clean and pious Delhi air. Last year on Diwali, The Royal family Grand Mother – Rajmata Maino Devi could not take it any longer with this toxic poisonous Delhi Air. Her grief caused so much pain to her daughter Princess G that she came from her Palace in Delhi to her mother`s Palace in Delhi and rebuked her brother Prince G (living in his own Palace in Delhi) too much for not taking care of Rajmata ji. She asked Prince G to leave Delhi immediately and to go to better places down south and find an alternative. Hearing the brother and sister fight and Prince G plans to go south, Rajmata Maino Devi ji also decided to go with the Prince G. Grief stricken and sick of Delhi environment, both mother -son duo moved to Panchvati (Maharastra) forest for a break in November 2020 and got lost to the beauty of nature.

One morning, the prince G got up in the night and saw Rajmata ji unable to breathe properly. Prince suspected someone has given her Power again. Rajmata had always believed “power is poison” and wanted to keep her kids away from power and so far has been quiet successful in that. You see, Mr SRK said somewhere “if you want something so much, whole world supports you in that”. Rajmata ji wanted to keep her kids away from power so much that whole of India made sure she achieves it.

Coming back to story, staring at breathless Rajmata ji and realizing that it could be some strange sickness and beyond the grasp of in-house doctors like Dr Manmauhan Ji, Prince started to google for best doctors in the area. Rajmata had so far only trusted two hospitals-AIIMS in Dilli inspired by Chacha Ji in his prime and MAIMS in Sicily inspired by Mussolini ji who also had family relations although distant ones. She was not ready to see any local doctor in Panchvati area. Prince G did not know how to convince her for seeking medical help. Pappu G , Sorry Prince G was sad beyond description and didn’t know what to do next. His trusted aid Mr Sujewala ji came to the rescue and informed prince G that nearby lives a famous doctor-magician-innovator Mr S Pawar who had a great working relationship with Rajmata ji when he was posted in Delhi. In fact, Rajmata ji was so fond of Dr Pawar, she had to send him to scenic Panchvati to take care of others and not waste his time and energy in Delhi. She also told him “power is poison” theory and insisted that Dr Pawar stays as far as possible from power. Hearing the news of Rajmata needing his services once again, Dr Pawar rushed towards holiday home and checked Rajmata pulse. After checking her condition and reciting some Sanskrit Mantras, Dr Pawar became very serious and whispered to Prince G “ xxcfsr jjhgtus ggbbrtf kkkhhkh kikjljlj” Prince G did not understand a thing and repeated verbatim to Mr Sujewala what Mr Pawar has whispered. Mr Sujewala folded his hands and informed Prince G that Mr Pawar has suggested some rare Jadi Buty found in Himalayas needed on urgent basis to treat Rajmata. Mr Sujewala ji requested Prince G to allow him to fly right away to Himalaya and get the Jadi Buty on priority basis. Prince G thanked Sujewala (with ticket for MP by-election from Haryana) and informed him “ she is my mother, Dr Pawar told me the cure, Sujju, my friend, I will have to go myself”. Mr Sujewala became quite upset but had to obey the prince in any case. Resigning to his fate of missing out charter plane ride to Himalayas (and planned opportunity for taking selfie and posting on twitter) Mr Sujewala politely asked prince G how he would like to travel so that suitable arrangement can be made. Prince G replied ” Sujju bro, I am not only a yellow belt in Kung Fu, I am also a trained pilot. I will fly my own plane. Please arrange a charter plane and get the receipt re-imbursed from Party fund or NH accounts if something is left over there. Call Jijaji and arrange a two seater plane right away”. Sujewala did as ordered and Prince G took the plane in air. At 12,000 feet altitude, prince G suddenly took a sharp turn to starboard and proceeded to Thailand. He knew from experience that better quality stuff is available in Thailand and not in Himalayas.

He was in an undisclosed location in Thailand for three days and kept looking for the Jadi Buty. However he was unable to recognize it and then decided to fetch whatever is available. Big famous people have bigger-greater visions and fate travels with them as companion of comfort. Prince G collected a hell lot of Jadi buties and some other comforting stuff just for the heck of it. One of the the jadi buty, he collected was corona vaccine. He then flew back to Panchvati in his private plane with the required Jadi Buties. On the way back, Prince G had to land in Pune due to bad weather condition and met some Puna-wala folks. One of these folks was Mr Biradar Poonawala who knew Prince G from his school days. Prince G greeted the young industrialist with affection. He also gave away the vaccine formula and asked him to start manufacturing right away and keep his contribution a secret, what a noble gesture!

Mr Biradar made the vaccine and started distributing as per central government planning. As per true democratic traditions of India, Makers were supposed to label it G-Family-Vaccine but they missed out to do the same under the pressure from the central government. One lutyen`s inhabitant known as “boxer” , “thug of Times Square” and some other endearing nick-names informed Prince G that vaccine is being given at a price and also being sent abroad. Not only that, the government also decided against naming it as G -Family -Vaccine. Such immoral acts made Prince G furious and he asked Modi

“ Modi Ji, hamari vaccine videsho mein kyun bheji?”

Prince G had to let go of the secret that vaccine was actually his idea and brainchild. Modi had no answers and had to quickly appeared on screen and announced the free vaccine to all fearing the anger from Prince G may cause havoc in next elections as he is super popular among masses. He brings smiles wherever he goes, whoever he meets, whatever he says. Bring me a more charismatic leader and i will start following you on twitter. Even though there is a lot left in the story but for you, this much should be enough for today. remaining, some other time may be. Now, you all know who should be credited for free vaccination basis facts and data.

Hamara Neta Kaisa Ho?

Prince G Jaisa ho

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