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The Virus: COVID might go but not the LEFT virus (Part 1)

The Global Left feeds on misery. It bleeds out misery too.

A pandemic and the Google generation

The illusive search for Instant gratification!

Who gets the credit for Free Vaccine to All

The credit goes to the HINDUs of this nation and please read background story for understanding what exactly happened.

Compulsory Patent Licensing is no silver bullet.

Can India issue compulsory licenses? The answer is no and yes. Read how.

2021 के अंत तक सबको लग जायेगी वैक्सीन, सरकार ने रोडमेप किया पेश

इस साल के अंत तक 18 वर्ष की आयु से अधिक के सभी लोगो को कोरोना वैक्सीन के दोनों डोज़ लग जाएंगे। जुलाई तक 51.6 करोड़ वैक्सीन के डोज़ की उपलब्धता होगी।

Ethics debate over vaccine nationalism

Corona-virus does not differentiate between an American, an Indian or a British. Hence it would be sensible and ethical to come together, transcending the man-made borders, to protect the humanity as a whole.

The phoney concern of sickular cabal over COVID and vaccine shortage

The sickular media network, cannot afford to allow logic and rational analysis of facts to come in their way of spreading their paid for agenda, otherwise they lose their nuisance value and hence they stand to lose earning their livelihood.

Vaccine- India’s license to “treat” Pakistan?

Will Pakistan change its attitude towards the world and towards India?

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