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The phoney concern of sickular cabal over COVID and vaccine shortage

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I am recently retired technocrat , who has taken interest in to National politics since 2013 as a participant in support Modi  mass movement . I write  counter blogs mainly to  pick holes in the malicious campaigns by   the notorious anti modi  lobby .

For quite some weeks post India’s success with COVID vaccine introduction, there has been a steady campaign by India’s Satanic network of Left Liberal elements to express concern regarding the second wave of COVID. Twitter world and media columns are continuously inundated with chorus for opening up the vaccination program which had been initially restricted to certain age group and front line health officials. One would have expected the Media to be more engrossed in election coverage.

Even after allowing for the lack of enthusiasm of sickular axis in view of telltale signs of Lotus blossoming, one did not expect such a lackadaisical election coverage from the sickular syndicate. The “vasooli gate” scandal too has been more of an embarrassment for them than an opportunity for news coverage as it involves their loyalty predicament to the coalition partner in Maharashtra. However their sudden interest and overt expression of distress over Covid spread and vaccination program has been very intriguing. Coming from any other quarters one would have seriously believed the genuine concerns in such messages and their efforts in convincing the govt to invoke suitable measures for the larger benefit of the society and the Nation.

However given the notorious track record of these sickular axis Lobby and its frequent fling with antinational pursuits it would be very hard to accept the intended benevolence in their messages at its face value. However soon enough from the pattern and the trend of the various tweets, news columns and stage managed TV panel discussions, it was quite discernible to those who are quite familiar with the crooked mind set of this left liberal cabal as to  what they are orchestrating for. It was very clear that they had a twin fold agenda. 

The Indian sickular confederacy has been smarting from the world wide accolades Modi has been receiving  for his proactive supportive role in the world wide efforts on combating covid spread. The tall rise in Modi’s international stature due to his vaccine diplomacy has been excruciatingly painful to them because their carefully crafted plan to show case him internationally as an usurper of democracy and disregarder of human rights to malign his image came to naught. The second wave of Covid gave them an opportunity and with some well coordinated campaign they were  constantly advocating for opening up of the vaccination program for all.

When it was restricted up to 60 age group they wanted govt to lower it further to include other age groups too. As soon the age group was lowered to include age 45 years and above, there has been a clamor for opening up the age group right down to 18 years. Soon thereafter frequent messages that claimed credibility of  reliable sources started making rounds to push the narrative that after relaxing the age group till 45 years the state govts are experiencing shortages in vaccine supply.

As if waiting for this cue to appear, the sickular twitter network went on the over drive to target Modi govt’s  policy to export the vaccines as ill conceived and vision less when a shortage of vaccine was likely to be experienced back home. The possibility that the sickular cabal had yet another agenda apart from belittling vaccine diplomacy of Modi came to be noticed when some of the tweets and blogs from the anti Modi communication network, started batting for removal of bureaucratic control which  they accused was delaying/denying approval for other vaccines in the market. Any average follower of current affairs can easily deduce that after all it was the power full and influential Multinational pharma Lobby which could have been  sponsoring this orchestrated daily ranting on COVID spread and the vaccine shortage.

As is normal in any of its vicious campaign the left Liberal cabal cannot stand up to a logical debate on them. This is exactly the reason why they will never engage themselves in an objective and rational argument on their view point with others. They have a very simple ploy of  ‘Hit and run stop over and again Hit and run. Therefore it comes as no surprise that, despite knowing very well the Limited role of vaccine in preventing the covid spread in the near period post vaccination, they feign unawareness about the same to keep harping on the concocted story of inadequate vaccine availability hampering the fight against pandemic fight.

Hypothetically even if we consider that as of a particular day the entire population has been covered with the first dose and the second dose completion is only few weeks away, then too there is every possibility of rampant COVID spread if the basic rules and discipline commensurate with COVID regime protocol are disdainfully discarded by the people. It is very clear that the best bet against COVID spread is social responsibility of individuals members of the society and no amount vaccine surplus situation can become a substitute for those imperatives at individual and societal level.

It was this very same Left liberal sickular brigade, few months back, that had brought in experts in various discussion panels to drive home their penchant avocation of painting gloomy scenarios to estimate that the completion of vaccination process to cover the entire population would take at least 5 years.Here they are getting restless only after few months in to vaccination program of India.One by one now many of the sickular network members have started questioning the prudence of the govt behind continuing with election rallies and Kumbh mela congregation at Hardwar. In a way Kumbh mela arrangements could have been deferred but that would have meant denying the Ramzan congregation too at the last day of the Festival.

Any lapses there off would have been fraught with unnecessary communal tensions. As such lot of precautionary measures like negative report certificate, screening at various entry points and police patrol for apprehending people without masks etc have resulted in diminished size than usual for kumbh congregation. After all still all over India thousands of travelers arrive in India after due clearance and compliance with established protocol and Govt as not banned travel.

Leaving aside Kumbh, it is a preposterous expectation to ban election rallies. If the elections are already on how does one conduct election campaigns without conducting rallies. If the elections were to be postponed then how long should the presidents rule should continue. What is the guarantee that some other variant totally immune to the vaccines administered would not crop up. The sickular media network can instead serve the country better by starting a campaign for “One Nation One election” proposal.

The sickular media network, cannot afford to allow logic and rational analysis of facts to come in their way of spreading their paid for agenda, otherwise they lose their nuisance value and hence they stand to lose earning their livelihood.

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I am recently retired technocrat , who has taken interest in to National politics since 2013 as a participant in support Modi  mass movement . I write  counter blogs mainly to  pick holes in the malicious campaigns by   the notorious anti modi  lobby .
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