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Modi – India’s Divider in Chief between Kaamdars and Naamdars

Aatish Taseer could perhaps have added any one of the following subtitles to his article’s header: India’s Divider in Chief - Between Corrupt and Non-corrupt, Between Performing and Non-performing, or even Between Kaamdars and Naamdars.

My concerns and suggestions to Smriti Irani regarding ‘fake news’ circular

Why the circular was not well thought of and what needs to be done.

What is wrong with our Media?

Focus on wrong news, and playing politics by other means have become part of media.

RTI raises questions against AWBI

PETA trying to malign India's name

Changing Headlines to Change the Message

How the mainstream media uses every tool, every resource to portray a negative picture of those who are working hard to build Brand India.

Journalistic Propaganda – Reply to TK Arun Blog titled “Politics by Other Means” dt 9th March 2016

Reply to T K Arun in  Cursor  titled “ Politics by Other Means’                Dear Arun, Sir you have written the above Blog in the Economic...

अर्नब के साथ राजदीप और बरखा भले न हों, देश उनके साथ है, और उसकी एक वजह है

अर्नब के साथ देश खड़ा है, और उसकी वजह से राजदीप और बरखा को तकलीफ़ हो रही है।

Hindu Feminism & Its Applicability In Indian Context

The need for HIndu Feminism

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