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Modi – India’s Divider in Chief between Kaamdars and Naamdars

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Arun Dashhttps://idlemusingz.blogspot.in/
Arun works hard to earn his living, hates sycophants, and lives with a strong faith that Mother India will emerge as a super-power someday!

How a self-respecting individual would celebrate when a reputed international media house calls the democratically elected (with full majority) PM of my country a ‘divider in chief’ unless they are short-sighted, selfish and anti-India? And look at the journalist’s credibility: A Muslim with a strong connection to the terrorist nation Pakistan is reporting to the world about the head of the only Hindu country! Whither his reporting credibility!

Our disagreements and hunger for power apart, the TIME’s disdain for our country’s head does not augur well for people who take this as something that can be ignored. Until Narendra Modi came to power, wasn’t there any division across India? Weren’t there instances when internal tussles took place among people based on caste, creed, and religion? Was there a single instance of riot or massacre happened in the past four years? Then, what metrics did Tavleen Singh’s son use that so much convinced him to attribute to Modi such a divisive title? His bio says he divides his time between New Delhi and London – was there any inconvenience over these years that made him spend his whole time in London since 2014 and he had to rely on the biased inputs from his journalist friends who sympathize with the corrupt Indian National Congress?

Since 2014, India has been progressing steadily in all indices. Inflation is in full control. Economy is stable or better. Development meets the eye in all sectors. Most importantly, the cancerous corruption that was rampant earlier has been put to rest. Looking at all that Modi and his team of performing ministers have contributed towards India’s growth, Aatish Taseer could perhaps have added any one of the following subtitles to his article’s header: India’s Divider in Chief – Between Corrupt and Non-corrupt, Between Performing and Non-performing, or even Between Kaamdars and Naamdars.

The TIME’s bias is clearly visible when one sees how conveniently they underplayed the more positive article by Ian Bremmer (Modi the reformer) by not making it the cover issue! It is a proven or accepted business or marketing tactics in these days of unethical journalism to wrap stuff in controversy and sell. This, to an informed reader, is certainly a dirty business tactic to uplift the falling readership and acceptance of TIME. But the Indian readers and social media enthusiasts – if they still have their self-respect intact and love their country to be respected across the globe, despite some internal political fights in a functioning democracy – must read between the lines and seek a way to fix the damage done to the respectable chair of the largest democracy in the world by the TIME.

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Arun Dashhttps://idlemusingz.blogspot.in/
Arun works hard to earn his living, hates sycophants, and lives with a strong faith that Mother India will emerge as a super-power someday!
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