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A ‘cruel joke’ – the photo hit-job on Modi by The Hindu

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Presstitutes at The Hindu have done it again. The scheming jackals have proved once more to what extent they can go to fan their visceral hatred for Modi and Hindus. Their hit jobs were exposed a zillion times, but the propagandists will not rest. Such is the stink from this Chennai-based Communist National Newspaper that even yellow journals look better.

Wonder why this outrage? Read on and you might say I’m being stingy with criticism.

The whole story is here and is about how a `cruel joke’ exposed Prime Minister Narendra Modi to international ridicule, only to end in an `anti-climax.’

The report raises some very serious questions – answers to which will make us comprehend what is wrong with journalism and journalists today.

The report tells us that though The Hindu photographer Akhilesh Kumar clicked a series of photographs, he chose to release only this particular one.


And he wants the world to believe that he thought it was “comical.’’


Really? Misleading people with a deceptive photograph is fun? Exposing somebody, let alone a Prime Minister, to utter ridicule for no fault of his by suppressing facts is funny? People who were waiting for an opportunity to deride Modi called him all sorts of names after the photo was carried. They even went to the extent of doubting his sexual priorities. We never knew you were having fun while all this was happening. How funny!  Facts be damned is what they teach at The Hindu these days? You can be funny, but you had to do it responsibly – by backing up the snap with a disclaimer that the image is not what it conveys, that it was part of a series of pictures Or maybe ask one of your reporters to carry a story explaining the scene to the readers? No, you will not do that because that won’t serve your nauseating agenda.

But if that was not all, we had Adam Taylor, a `learned’ journalist from the Washington Post (which leaves no opportunity to scoff at Modi and India) coming out with even more ridiculous stuff. What makes his act, even more, serious is that the dolt had access to the video of the event (as is evident in his report ) but he still chose to go along with an absolutely derogatory headline and report. And his sources –  some `jobless’ fools on twitter. Pity such retards survive in newsrooms of `prestigious’ newspapers.

There can only be one way to explain the behavior of these anti-Modi and anti-Hindu cabal. Unfortunately for this, we will have to borrow the words of another Modi-baiter Tunku Varadarajan who in an article criticising Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma wrote “Even if it were a slip of the tongue, let’s not forget that a man’s tongue often slips in a direction where a man’s mind has gone already.’’

For the sake of a debate, let’s assume for a moment that Modi was hugging Hollande. What is wrong with it? Should the west decide our etiquette now? Why should we see everything through the American prism, according to which two men even holding hands in public is homosexual behavior? Isn’t this a case of the jaundiced eye? Part of the colonial fixation to see indigenous cultures and mannerisms as regressive? One can understand the ignorance of the WP writer who is trained in western milieus. But what about the desi dimwit’s who shared it in wild abandon? Believe me, if there was a custom in the west of kicking the guest’s ass as a mark of respect, our `more English than the English’ brethren would have done even that.

Anyway, condolences to all those who were salivating over the snap for the last two days. Sorry to say you have been busted again. And congrats to The Hindu for proving that it will keep up the supply of presstitutes.

And Mr. Kumar, the next time you want to tickle the readers’ funny bones, why not a snap of N Ram perched on Malini Parthasarathy’s shoulder?

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