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Not being true to itself proved to be the nemesis of BJP

Development, welfare and subsidies are no doubt important vote catching policy prescriptions for any political party in a democracy but nothing appeals to the voters more than an ideology that establishes a connect with them

Madarsa student threatens to commit suicide if Akhilesh doesn’t get bicycle symbol

The student and his sister have reportedly written a letter in blood to the Election Commission.

Verdict 2016 – what is there for BJP in coming elections?

The road ahead for BJP after the election results in Assam, Kerala, West Bengal, and Tamil Nadu.

Will lotus bloom in Kerala? – part 2 of analysis of BJP’s chances in polls

BJP can easily win six seats in the state, but they will have to plan & work accordingly.

Will lotus bloom in Kerala? – an analysis of BJP’s chances in assembly polls

The BJP's vote share have been growing in 6 seats and the party has a good chance of winning a minimum of 3 seats out of this 6.

#SaveKerala – Why BJP

In my previous two posts, I have mentioned why to #SaveKerala & how to #SaveKerala. While talking about how we can #SaveKerala I had mentioned BJP as...

Dear Assam, if you want the Delhi media to notice you, choose a BJP government!

Assam hardly gets the attention of 'national' media, but things will change for sure if it becomes a BJP ruled state.

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