Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Abhishek Jain

Opinionated about every topic under the sun but opinions backed with hard fact. Right leaning writer with interests in Aviation, History and Politics. Tweeting from the handle @iabhishek_j .

Why Rajasthan elections matter before 2019

Even though the govt has done good work in rural and urban areas of Rajasthan, winning won't be easy for BJP as the trend suggests.

Online cyber security- Is Aadhaar and other data safe with government?

"Data is the new Oil". So, is government doing enough to ensure its safe?

Decoding Current Liberalism-Part 2

How long would the Liberalism for selective group survive?

Decoding current liberalism-Part 1

A look through history of liberalism

Chinks in the Right-Wing ecosystem?

As 2019 elections approach, we have to become even more cautious and alert about ideology.

Who is the real torchbearer of Freedom of Speech? Left or Right?

Freedom of speech isn’t one sided as left thinks. But they won’t understand that and call it post-truth and debate on it for days. But then that’s how they have been doing it for years.

US Elections : Which Candidate is better for Indian Interest

A look at the US elections from India point of view

Why we should review the Indus Water Treaty

India must do whatever is neceesary to corner Pakistan

Attack on Jain Muni and Jainism by so-called Liberals

The secularism of "liberals"

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