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Chinks in the Right-Wing ecosystem?

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Abhishek Jain
Opinionated about every topic under the sun but opinions backed with hard fact. Right leaning writer with interests in Aviation, History and Politics. Tweeting from the handle @iabhishek_j .

After BJP appointed Yogi Adityanath as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, there has been a meltdown in News Studios of Noida. Not just in Studios but, on Social Media too, as written in this article where the media along with some politicians started spreading lies about Yogi.

But that was expected, as we are used to media lies about politicians coming from BJP or just lies in general. But one thing which was not expected was how certain RW (right-wing) celebs on Social Media attacked BJP and Modi for appointed Yogi Adityanath as the Chief Minister, and going further by attacking Yogi himself even before he could take his first decision as CM.

Criticizing anyone is part of the democratic process and we being a democracy should welcome criticism, but that criticism needs to be on facts. Unfortunately what we saw was that the most of the criticism against Yogi was mere opinion and nothing factual. Some tweets:

Rahul Raj is one of the most prominent voice of the Right Wing on the social media as being co-founder of, which constantly counters and exposes the lies of the mainstream media and of the left-liberal crowd. has always stuck to facts and logical arguments, so one expected an argument based on facts from Rahul, but instead of that, he just gave opinions about Yogi who has been a five time MP since 1998 and never lost an election from his constituency of Gorakhpur.


As an MP, his record is impressive to say the least as one can check themselves here. When people countered Rahul Raj with these arguments (some could have been uncivil in their manners, which unfortunately happens on the social media at times to everyone of us), he ended up attacking the RW “ecosystem” itself:

Although there are many like him who might not like Yogi, but then why not specify why or on what grounds? Just cause Yogi wears Bhagwa and is unapologetic about his views? This article here even points out on a more detailed manner why Modi-Shah when for Yogi as CM.


The tweets by Rahul Raj turned aggressive in wake of people sending him tweets in support of Yogi Adityanath. Then someone said this:

Some old tweets of Rahul Raj does suggest his leaning towards AAP pre 2014 as seen here.

Rahul Raj wasn’t pro BJP or Modi before May 2014 so why did he change his mind after Modi winning in 2014? He claims to be RW, yet has issues with core promises made by BJP like Ram Temple. And not just him, there are many who have turned RW after Modi’s win and have dictated the narrative of the political discourse. Now suddenly it is so hard to change views about Yogi Adityanath? On what basis you change your views?

No one is above reproach and everyone can be questioned. So no matter what anyone claims to have done for RW, one has to be open for criticism but as seen here in this thread, it’s easy to criticize but not that easy to take criticism from another. Do check this thread by @HappyHigh01 .

Yes we all do what we can for the cause we believe and Rahul Raj did a lot as well, but don’t demean others when someone is questioning your intent. BJP MPs stood with him when his name was taken in parliament by TMC MP and whole of RW social media crowd came together to offer him support. When you start doubting the ecosystem, people will start doubting your commitment.

No one asked anyone to be a fan of Yogi Adityanath, but like this website was started to catch lies of Media and present facts, one expects facts from a co-founder and not just baseless opinions.

Right Wing of India has been taken on a ride for far too long and it’s time to know who are in this for long the long run, 2019 will be fought on ideological grounds unlike 2014 & anyone who isn’t aligned with the ideology, or worse who is just an opportunist (there are some and people know who are they) needs to be called out.

One may argue that being Right Wing and being a BJP supporter are different issues. But if one cares about the Right Wing ideology, he has to understand that right now there is no other option but the BJP, and 2019 is very crucial battle. As Rahul Roushan had put it:

BJP will be the party to support till ideological goals are achieved or criticised when they divert, but here appointing Yogi wasn’t either of them.

Rahul Raj also needs to rethink about the way criticism is done as now he is being used by the likes of Mille Gazzete (an Islamist mouthpiece) who came running to support him. Along with other Left Wing trolls:

It will take a joint effort to make sure that we remain on track and not see a repeat of 2004 in 2019. In 2004, we had the likes of Sudheendra Kulkarni who was key adviser of Atalji and as we know now he wasn’t ideologically​ on the same path.

So Rahul Raj should also be wary if he truly cares for the RW, while rest in RW should also be wary of the narrative being highjacked.

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Abhishek Jain
Opinionated about every topic under the sun but opinions backed with hard fact. Right leaning writer with interests in Aviation, History and Politics. Tweeting from the handle @iabhishek_j .

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