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The masters of SELECTIVE outrage, who maintain pin drop silence on other issues

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State Executive Committee Member, State Media Panelist , State In-Charge for Policy & Research ,Mahila Morcha BJP Andhra Pradesh

Many Indians growing up would know about king “Dhritharashtrsa” from Mahabharata and would have thought “How can he be so partial to his sons Kauravas, not considering their mistakes and blind to the sufferings of Pandavas?”. Dhritharasthra’s selective denial of not agreeing mistakes of his sons is nothing in front of the selectivity shown by these elite masters of selective outrage. Criticism is important aspect of democracy. Trying to oppose everything done by one group and remain silent on similar issues related to others shows the biased nature of these masters. These actions expose their hypocrisy and malicious agenda. Such actions have increased exponentially in recent past.

A section of Bollywood has been actively vocal in some issues. Leading in this brigade are Anurag Kashyap, Vishal Dadlani, Prakash Raj etc. who abuse the present government on many issues. Swara Bhaskar thanked Pakistan for supporting Jamia students in their anti CAA stand. Previously, some more Bollywood stars like Shahrukh Khan, Amir Khan, Naseeruddin Shah expressed feelings about growing intolerance and fear of living in India. There are some liberal social activists like Suzanna Arundathi Roy, Medha Patkar, Rmachandra Guha who took similar stand. Some gave back their awards also. There are some more elite authors and movie artists who wrote letters on intolerance, article 370 abrogation, CAA enactment and voting against Mr. Narendra Modi in general elections.

Next comes a set of politicians. Congress party leaders lead the group. Mrs. Priyanka Vadra visited the house of a social activist of anti CAA protests in Meerut,U.P. Within just few hours of JNU violence in December 2019, she was seen standing along the side of leftists in JNU. Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi also supported them. Mamata Banerjee herself went on rallies recently and demanded UN referendum on CAA. All leftist leaders are seen on roads organizing rallies and protests. Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan came hurriedly to Delhi to meet Aishe Gosh and said they will inspire rest of students all over India to do similar protests.

AAP Manish Sisodia has expressed solidarity with Shaheenbagh protestors. NCP, Samajwadi party, BSP,TRS, DMK, RJD leaders followed the same route as above. Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi of AIMM is always at the fore front in many issues like abolishing Triple Talak, article 370 abrogation or CAA enactment. He is organizing rallies and supporting the protesters. All of them condemned the actions of UP, Kerala and central government’s actions in dealing with the CAA protesters and said that protests are part of democracy.

Protests in Jamia Milia Islamia (JMI) turned very violent with mob burning 100 two wheelers, 20 private cars, shops, 4 public buses with civilians inside, targeting police post and injuring around 30 police men, 2 of whom were critical in ICU. These masters loudly supported, stood by students and said that government was blocking their freedom of expression and democracy. They were silent on AAP MLA Amanatulla Khan who made provocative speeches and mobilized crowd for Jamia violence. They asked why did police enter campus? Police entered after proctor of Jamia asked police intervention. None of them spoke about those civilians, police who were injured and lost their properties.

In the recent JNU violence, in few hours they supported left wing students and declared that the violence was initiated by ABVP students. But there was absolute silence on videos and photos showing leftist leaders damaging server rooms of JNU, not allowing students to register, leading masked mobs into JNU campus and inciting violence. No one questioned JNSU president Aishe Gosh how her 16 stitches critical head injury became a minor wound of few centimeters in few days. This time they shouted why did police not enter campus? Police entered soon after official intimation and controlled situation in few hours.

They started CAA protests and supported rioters who damaged public properties. Many innocent civilians and children were trapped in riots. They condemned the police who tried to stop the damage and saved innocent children. But they were mute on evidences showing rioters planning attacks by gathering stones, damaging CCTVs and using guns. In Meerut alone 54 police men had injuries due to native gun shots fired by rioters. This time no one visited the police injured in riots.

In West Bengal police chased the rioters who were damaged railway lines to derail train and IPS officer got fatally injured in the bombs hurled by rioters. West Bengal CM said that It was not her responsibility to protect railways. No one questioned, if it was her responsibility to sit on road to prevent CBI from enquiring a corrupt official involved in Sharada scam.

Pindrop silence was maintained by the elite lobby in many other incidents related to CAA like:

• A soft ware engineer was stabbed in Pro CAA rally in Bangalore by terror outfit SDPI members. They were actually planning to assassinate BJP MP.

• Illegal Bangladeshi immigrants rioted at Seelampur, Delhi and blocked a bus of school kids who were rescued by police.

• Terror linked PFI activists involved in initiating violence in UP using explosives and guns.

• ED investigation revealed that money from foreign terror groups through PFI was used for anti CAA riots. In this 120 crores transaction lawyers Kapil sibal, Indira Jaising, Dushyanth Dave allegedly recieved money.

• JNU scholar Sharjeel Imam, main coordinator of Shaheen Bagh Protests, openly provoking protesters to divide north east from India by blocking sensitive “chicken neck”.

• Protestors of Shaheen Bagh insulting Indian army and giving calls to boycott products of Reliance and Patanjali.

• Mr. Firoz Ahmed Bakht, Chancellor of Maulana Azad National University, was threatened and gheraoed by students for his pro CAA stand.

• Governor of West Bengal, Sri. Jagdeep Dhankar, was rounded and gheraoed by students of Jadavpur University and Kolkata University for forced to leave without adequate protection, because he said CAA was law passed by parliament as per constitution.

• Governor of Kerala, Sri. Arif Mohammad Khan was physically stopped by Irfan Habib on stage and was hounded and heckled by MLAs in assembly for his views on CAA.

• In West Bengal anti CAA protests turned violent with Congress and TMC workers clashing and 2 people died due to gun shots.In Jarkhand an idol maker was killed for attending pro CAA rally.

• Shiv sena chief Uddhav Thackarey compared Jamia incident with Jallianwallah Bagh massacre.When a person posted on social media opposing this,he was beaten badly and his head tonsured by Shivsena supporters.

• In the name of anti CAA protests when slogans like “Jinna wali Azadi”, “Kashmir ki Azadi” raised.

• Crores of public property, shops, buses, police vehicles, motor cycles were burnt and people were forced to close shops and businesses. This is not new trend. This has been happening in the recent past. These some incidents expose selectivity and hypocrisy of the lobby in the past.

• Whole group protested when JNU students were arrested in 2016.But No one questioned why JNU students conducted an event supporting terrorist Afzal Guru,master mind of Parliament attack, and raising slogans like ‘Afzal hum sharminda hain, tere qatil zinda hai’ [Afzal, we are ashamed that your killers are still alive].

• Bollywood heroines stood with and campaigned for leftist JNU leader Kannaiah Kumar. No heroine condemned about Kannaiah molesting a female co student and getting fined in JNU or assaulting doctors in AIIMS.

• All of them protested against Union government over the suicide of Rohith Vemula in 2015 for a long time. No one spoke when 20 intermediate students committed suicide in Telangana in 2019 due to announcement of wrong results. No one spoke when SFI office bearers, who became toppers of state police exam by faking, stabbed mortally Akhil in Thiruvananthapuram University campus. Later, a scam was unearthed in Kerala police entrance exam about which again none spoke.

• They did not start “Not in my name” movement when Farooq from Tamilnadu was lynched for a social media post declaring himself atheist. They did not return awards when Kamlesh Tiwari, Prashanth Pujari and Ramalingam were killed for their faith.

• They remained mute on atrocities and brutal killings of Tribals by maoists in Jarkhand recently. They were also mute on atrocities on dalit women in Rajasthan in 2019 and a dalit man burnt alive by minorities in MP recently.

• They never comment on leftist kerala government’s failing to take action or even file a proper charge sheet on Father Franco Mullakal in kerala nun rape case or diluting the case of Walayar minor dalit sisters’ rape case.

• The entire gang does not care about the latest violent clashes in Bhainsa, Telangana where 14 houses were burnt and Hindus were forced to flee. Owaisi and KCR behave as if Bhainsa is in another continent.

• They and media went around shouting Rafale corruption when there was no proof and court asked Rahul Gandhi to apologize for telling lies. Still this lobby allies with the corruption charges proven Lalu Prasad Yadav for elections.

• Bollywood stars,except Preity Zinta, backed off from testifying in court on extortion charges by Dawood gang. They were silent when Bushan Kumar was killed and Rakesh Rohan mortally injured by the mafia. They were not scared of intolerance or return awards then.

• The gang praised Deepika Padukone when she stood with leftists who allegedly incited JNU violence. Same gang protested against Rajnikanth when he said that Periyar disrobed idols of Rama, Durga and garlanded with sandals. Their logic is “Whatever Rajnikanth said is truth, but he should not speak truth”.

• They never support army or visit the homes of martyrs. They never condemned the abuses hurled at army or police.They insult army and police.They said that the terrorists were innocent students,did rallies and abused police in Batla house encounter or Ishrath Jahan encounter.When truths and judgments come out they vanish and media becomes mute.

Supreme court came down heavily on the rioters saying “Just because you happen to be students, this does not give you right to riot.”. Chief Justice of India said “What option police has when someone breaks the law and pelts stones? Why were buses burned?”. Still they continued with their version of Police and government suppressing the peaceful students. Supreme court also refused to put ban on National Security Act (NSA) applied on CAA riots saying. Court observed that it cannot tie down the hands of authorities when property is being burnt in the ongoing protests.”These are law and order issues. How can we interfere?”

This batch protested against CAA saying it was unconstitutional. How is a law enacted by both houses of parliament unconstitutional? If they still think so they can approach court and proceed. Already pleas are in court. Court refused to stay CAA or NPR process and gave 4 weeks time for center to reply.

All of them have a near similar narrative of government acting against constitution or damaging secular fabric or suppressing freedom of expression. They also come to judgement of who is the convict even before police inquiry is done or judgement is given. Most of the times they don’t believe police or army or courts. They think they are above judiciary or constitution. They act selectively, not thinking about the disastrous consequences nationally and globally. Dissent is a part of democracy, destruction is not. India is a democratic country and they can criticize.

Unbiased and constructive criticism is good for democracy. But, why are they so selective? Why shout at the top in some cases and remain mute on similar other cases? This selective biased nature of King Dhritharashtra and others has brought down fall of the mighty kuru kingdom. History repeats itself.

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State Executive Committee Member, State Media Panelist , State In-Charge for Policy & Research ,Mahila Morcha BJP Andhra Pradesh
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