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Heinous crimes of Church: Can law really not punish Church?

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It was in the year 2001 a small team comprising 4-5 journalists of Boston Globe Newspaper, followed up on the case of a Christian Pastor who did a crime against children which was of Sexual in nature. As they keep digging on and questioning people on how the pastor escaped without facing any legal punishment, it led to one of the biggest stories of organized crime of sexually abusing kids by Catholic clergy all across the world including India. It shocked the entire world and many believers of church was unable to digest it and it led to the creation of a spiritual vacuum among catholic community. The team of Boston Globe which investigated the matters was called as Spotlight.

Canon Law:

Canon law is the one which church always uses to suppress any failure within it. This canon law gives enormous power to church not to follow the law of land, instead church itself becomes authority to decide on matters involving land, crimes within church.

Missionaries of Charity:

Few months back an Uttar Pradesh couple filed a Missing child case against Missionaries of charity in Jharkhand. When it came to notice of DSP of Ranchi, they went and investigated it in the Missionaries’ home. Anima Inamdar a nun who was working there accepted about selling their children for the amount of 50,000 Rs. It then opened a can of worms. As Ranchi police further started investigating them they found details of 120 children in their register, out of which around 25 children had been sold in the last year. Do remember present Indian Government has changed adoption rules in the year 2014-2015, which led to more NGOs particularly Christian groups dropping the adoption procedures. But they keep on following it illegally. Modus of operandi followed by Missionaries of Charity founded by Saint Therasa was also same. Without any legal backing they kept on selling babies.

As the case progressed, it led to awakening that it is happening all across Missionaries of charity homes in India. Indian Government has ordered to investigate each and every Missionaries of charity home across all states. May be if real truth comes out it can led to eventually one of the biggest story as like the spotlight one where they found out across all over the world Christian Pastors have sexually abused Kids. Spot Light team alone wrote whopping 600 stories on that matter and it took 15 years for the Vatican to acknowledge and ask for forgiveness of the same. Boston cardinal under whose watch crimes happened was moved out of Boston after the report was published. But eventually he got posted in Rome (Highest authority of Christian Institutions).

Land Scam in Kerala:

George Alencherry, head of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church based in Kerala, is one of the five cardinals of India who was appointed directly by the Pope. The priests who are working in Syro-Malabar Churches suddenly raised a revolt towards the end of last year stating that Alencherry has purposefully sold a land to settle dues bought for building a Medical College in Ernakulam. It seems Cardinal purposefully sold the land for 27 Crores even though the current market value is of 80 Crore rupees. The Priest Council comprising 57 priests called as Presbyteral Council, tried their best to reach out to Pope regarding these corrupt deals but it was stalled at the higher up of Catholic council of India. As usual Alencherry invoked the Canon law and said nobody can arrest or sack him except Pope. Ironically Missionaries of Charity last year asked Cardinal to step down to avoid name shaming of Catholic community but this year they are silent on their own scandal of selling babies illegally.

Remember there is a separate Non-Volunteers group which investigated on the dealings of Churches and found out that they own lands bigger than the size of North America all across the world also they are never required to pay taxes. There is no proper recording of Money trail across Churches. Whenever any Government tries to investigate the proceedings of the Church using the propped up NGO’s like Missionaries of charity, Christ based institutions will create a vicious atmosphere across the country and will try to destabilize the Government. Remember the statement of Catholic council few weeks back against the current Indian Government. They called upon the will of god and believers to punish this Government since they have started to tighten all the laws related to functioning of religious institutions.

Note: No action has been taken by Vatican on Cardinal Alencherry. Still he thrives.

Sex scandal that Rocked Kerala Catholic Community:

In the year 2009, Nun named Jesme, came up with stinging allegations of Sexual crimes and torture she faced when she was serving in the church. She tried take up the matter across the catholic council without going public but the cold shoulders given by them, led her to go public about her ordeals under the watch of God. As-usual entire Clergy stood together, she was publicly humiliated and was thrown out of the Catholic institutions. Later she came up with her autobiography named “Amen”. Remember none of the secular parties supported her.

During the start of this year, a couple who was going through their financial statements found out some discrepancies in their transactions and it led to findings of serious crime committed by a group of Priests against the wife. A group of clergy used her for 17 years. It started when the women was minor and continued for 17 years even after she got married. The devout couple took it up with higher orders of clergy installed by Vatican. As usual the pattern was similar first they invoked the name of God to silence them then the sentimental threats- if none of the above works out; finally threaten them about humiliation that might happen if they go out. But the couple stood ground and entire Catholic Church publicly humiliated them but it did not deter the couple and it led to arrest of priests for the first time.

The above are not only the incidents that rocked the believers, a pastor from Jalandhar was accused by the Nuns working under him of sexually exploiting them. Also there are multiple cases of sexual exploitation of minors and nuns by the order of clergy. Even in the charity home ran for the orphans there are serious charges of sexual exploitation which are being suppressed using the closeness with political parties and media.

It is high time that entire India wake up and remove the soft angle which everybody was taught to use for the churches and nuns as they are the only saviors of the entire world. Remember the largest non-voluntary service organization in the entire world is from India it is Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.  Similarly the largest non-voluntary organization which feeds hygienic food for around 2 million children on day to day basis is from India. It is Akshay Patra foundation formed by alumnus of Indian Institute of Science.

Don’t allow the Leftist, liberal Vatican media to rob your spiritual life in the name of churches and Christian institutions. As they don’t follow the law of the land and they are biggest beneficiaries of proximity towards Governments and involve themselves in creating havoc all across the world as like African Nations whose culture, land and life style has been robbed by the believers in the name of Service to mankind.

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