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Sadistic pleasure of Liberals: Their source of happiness lies in mocking our value system

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Instrumentation Engineer - NIT DGP. Business | Football fan | Arsenal Bhakt Communal bigoted Bengali Hindu .  

‘National prosperity= A + B+ C, where


B= Number of people we are lifting up every year above poverty line

‘C’ is the one which no one talks about in this country but is the most important and that is our Value System.

C= Our cultural values which are eroding.

The above are not my words. These are words of a famous Indian scientist. He said these words while educating a group of ‘ liberal intellectuals’ when they as usual was too busy with their agenda. He went on to say, “Whatever may be your agenda I am not going to take it up & discuss”. Yes I am talking about our ex President Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam.

“Ask not what your country can do for you , ask what you can do for your country”.

Dr. Kalam really showed us the path as to what one can do for the country as an individual and help it reach her golden age. But the problem is our liberal elites doesn’t know much nor do they care about ‘A’ and ‘B’. It doesn’t suit their narrative & thought process. Their only contribution to the country is eroding & degrading the ‘C’ factor.

Our ‘left liberal intellectual’ finds a certain kind of hidden joy in ridiculing our value system & aesthetic culture.

To be precise they experience a ‘sadistic pleasure’ by ridiculing it. Whatever may be the context & reference they don’t leave a chance to mock the ‘Bharatiya’ culture. Their favourite words include ‘ Bhakt, Sanghi, internet Hindus, Gaumutra and various others. They belong to all backgrounds- journalists, film personalities, film critics but are mostly filled with writers & historians who are neither aware of the rapidly changing new India nor are they aware of the deep roots & ancient civilization which Bharat has. In fact I should say they are aware but deliberately trying to subvert it and hide it under the carpet to suit their narrative.

They say whatever will help, advance their cause at the moment, switch talking points in a heartbeat, and then act indignant if anyone uses the exact same argument they were using five minutes ago.

They are ruthless shameless & shows their disdain through their every words. Not even rivers & ghats are safe .

Take for example Mrs. Sagarika Ghose. From ‘internet Hindus’ to her rants against Lord Ram she derives a special joy in mocking our culture. The ancient Saraswati River which has mentions not only in our Vedas & Shashtras but the recently concluded Prof KS Vaidya report found out that the existence of River Saraswati is no myth. But according to her ‘Saraswati’ River was a creation of ‘Sanghis’.

Whether it is Lord Krishna or whether it is Haryana their agenda remains same and crystal clear.

During the visit of Shinzo Abe in December 2015 Modi did something refreshingly different from his previous counterpart. He decided to break the shackles & make a visit to Varanasi offerong prayers at Dashashwamedh ghat along with Abe. They prayed and performed all the rituals. This irked the liberals of our country. They could never imagine an India beyond Delhi, Taj Mahal & Red fort.

Their hatred and discomfort was visible. They tried to give it a secular coating by saying Modi is pushing his Hindutva Agenda by doing this. Actually these so called intellectuals are still in awe and all drooly over the Mughal aristocrats & invaders. They feel modern India owes a gratitude to them. Gratitude for invasions and looting our country? Gratitude for the violence ? They want to be identified and associated with them to pacify their superiority complex.

For some of them members from all communities should fast on Ramzan to uphold the plurality of India including non Muslim students studying in AMU.

For some of them the students who confessed that no food is being served during day time are ‘Sanghi’ agents and hypernationalists. But without any verification & solid evidence they start peddling lies of no non veg being served in BHU (I myself did a vocational training prog a year ago from BHU. Believe me there are no such dictates).

Eminent Historians in our country believe Rani Padmavati was just a fictional character. They find solace when Bollywood directors distorts history. For them Rani Padmavati may be fictional but according their figment of imagination Holy shrine of Amarnath was discovered by a Muslim.

For them Hijab is a source of women empowerment and freedom but Karva Chauth is regressive & patriarchal event. Women practicing it are medieval & backdated.Words and logic mean nothing to liberals.

Inside many liberals is a totalitarian screaming to get out. They don’t like to have another point of view in the room that they don’t squash and the way they try to squash it is by character assassination and name calling.

They will point any single small aberrational mistake committed by the Right. Harass them threaten them and even target them at their workplace. That is what gives them pleasure. But all their sins and fake news should be buried in dust. As if the constitution had given them the solemn power to do so. So what if a photoshopped image of UP CM Aditynath Yogi’s pic is circulated. So what if he is called Hindu militant leader but Burhan Wani a designated terrorist is called headmaster’s son. Whatever it takes to give them joy. Deep down liberals are lonely unhappy creatures who find no joy in countries’ progress and are suffering  from Anhedonia. (Anhedonia is the inability to experience pleasure from activities usually found enjoyable). Their only source of joy is sadistic pleasures by mocking our Culture.

Our hypocritical liberals also include another genre. Our much revered stand up comedians. Cracking sexist jokes are their birthright and having selective knowledge about the ongoing political happenings is their unique trait. A lady comedian can call ‘Mayawati’ an un**c*able fatty. But when a common man points that Mayawati is playing Dalit politics they feel it is a violent assault on Dalits. Such is their selective amnesia.

A parliamentarian uses a dog filter to show support to a group but how ironical that the same man in the Rajya Sabha takes name of private citizens to threaten him & bully him. Entire liberal brigade sadistically takes pleasure of teaching him a lesson.

And if you think it is just a phenomenon in India you are grossly mistaken.

After Donald Trump won the presidential race the liberal Hillary fan boys/ girls took to the streets with #NotMyPresident placards burning vehicles & breaking window panes. They were protesting against Trump’s rule who was not even sworn in by burning America’s flag. Linda Sarsour the leader women’s march group a blue eye girl of the Liberal Democrats who has deep connection with Hamas feels that she can’t be a feminist & a Zionist at a same time. She passes remarks and uses abusive language on  another activists because she calls their bluff out. Madonna calls for bombing the white house.

Champions of freedom of expression, the liberal brigade have their own terms & condition which comes in fine print.

A vocal Jewish Trump supporter Milo Yiannopoulos was attacked and his vehicles were torched in the run-up to his speech in Berkeley University. Instead of blaming the rioters, the liberal establishment blamed it on Milo Yiannopoulos’ appearance.

Very similar on how contrary views from within Muslim community are subdued as it threatens the joyful happy family of liberals. Take for example how Shazia Illmi was not allowed to speak on the issue of Triple Talaq in Jamia University or for that matter how Ramdev was not allowed in JNU.

The sadistic joy of liberal brigade doesn’t exclude mocking ancient scriptures on Ajanta & Khajurao. They find joy in calling the Missile Man of India as ‘bomb daddy’! Such is the nature of modern day liberalism.

You have often heard the line ‘terrorism has no religion caste & creed’. Don’t know how much truth lies in that statement but by observing the peculiar behavioral pattern of liberal intellectual I can conclude: Liberal elite intellectuals have no religion caste creed gender or even nationality. They have one & only one single motto of ridiculing their own country & mocking their own value system in the name of being ‘anti establishment’. They don’t even spare the veterans & Jawans, mocking and insulting them by saying they joined the forces due to lack of educational degree and economic crisis.

I m not going to write in details of how to counter this sinister, evil & malicious brigade who are masquerading as Liberals. May be I will leave that for some other day. But I do want to tell it clearly to clear the confusion that certainly by not playing victim card or the usual lame reply of ‘ignore them or don’t give them importance’ . Or even by simply putting facts in front of them because liberals don’t believe there is such a thing as “fact” or “truth.

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Instrumentation Engineer - NIT DGP. Business | Football fan | Arsenal Bhakt Communal bigoted Bengali Hindu .  
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