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They peddle lie and cry to believe it as History: An answer to Romila Thapar’s latest piece

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Self from a small village Khatkhati of Chhattisgarh. I have completed my Graduation in Mechanical Engineering from GEC, Bilaspur. Now, I am working as a General Manager in a Power Plant. I have much interested in spirituality and religious activity. Reading and writing are my hobbies apart from playing chess. From past 2 years I am doing research on "Science in Hindu Scriptures".

Recently, few days earlier, An article ‘They Peddle Myths and Call it History’ written by historian Romila Thapar was published on 17th May 2019. Once again, her anti-Hindu and anti-BJP agenda came out through this article. In this article, she alleged Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) that these Hindu nationalist organizations are trying to rewrite Indian History according to their own beliefs and Myths.

In her article, she threw a question, ‘Why is history so important to the Hindu nationalists?”

Here is the answer – A history in its true form is extremely important and necessary as well, not only for Hindu nationalists but for all citizens of a country. A history, either with a dark facet or with a glorious face, in any case, should be taught to the public in its original version; not with a tampered story to peddle a propaganda. If the history has any dark face, it should be taught to its people to learn from past so that the mistakes may not replicate in future. On the other hand, if it was magnificent then definitely should be taught to refurbish its glory. In any case, the distorted or tampered history should be changed or rewritten certainly.

Ample amount of damages to Indian history has been done by the Left-wing and Nehru-centric Historian like Romila Thapar, Ramachandra Guha and others. They peddled lie and call it history. They always tried to demonize Hindus and denigrate their beliefs and deities. In present scenario of India, it seems, the definition of intellectual is changed as a person one who criticizes Hindu & Hinduism, one who criticizes BJP & RSS is called intellectual. These self-proclaimed intellectuals never ever bothered to search for truth. Actually, these stereotyped historians believe only on Nehru and his ideology; the world is confined for them in Nehru, in fact Nehru is the world for them.

First, let us understand, the term Hindu – what it is and how it was evolved? Definitely the oldest religion in India is Sanatan Dharma which is now, in present, considered as Hindu Dharma. But, however, the word ‘Hindu’ has more geographical significance than religious. In Hebrew, Sanskrit alphabet ‘s’ is not available and for ‘s’ it pronounces ‘h’. So, people of the ancient Indian civilization around Sindhu River are called Hindu by Hebrewian instead of Sindhu. A Twitter handle @trueindologyiv has elaborated this in his thread explicitly.

Furthermore, its evidence can be easily found in the Persian religious texts ‘Avesta’ where ‘Hafta’ is used for its Sanskrit equivalent ‘Sapta’ and ‘Hindu’ for Sindhu. Earlier, ancient India was known as ‘Sapta Sindhu’. Hence it is evident that this word has more geographical importance. Additionally, it is also clear that the people of ancient Sindhu Valley Civilization were called Hindu by the rest of the then world; so, being their descendants all Indians irrespective of their religious beliefs are Hindu.

Initially all people of Sindhu valley Civilization followed same culture, same beliefs and same rituals and these all are continued till today with a little variation from its origin. Hence, the term Hindu was sufficing to describe the geographical as well the cultural identity of descendants of Sindhu Valley Civilization. But after Islamic invasion, another culture of Abrahamic faith came into existence in this geographical area. Their cultural identity was different, their beliefs were different and they follow a different way of worship. Now, within this geographical boundary two separate culture started running parallel. And the term Hindu in its geographical sense could not serve for the cultural identity of indigenous people of Sindhu Valley Civilization any more. Then to bifurcate the two different cultures, Vidyaranya, founding Guru of Vijayanagar Empire in 14th Century, wrote following verses defining who is a Hindu (Courtesy: taken from the twitter handle @trueindologyiv):

Omkarmantra muladhya punarjanma dridhashayah

Gobhakto Bharatgururhindurhinsandushakah

And then, Hindu word became the cultural identity of indigenous people rather than geographical.

From the above shloka, it is evident that the word Hindu was used from the ancient time for the people of Sindhu Valley Civilization. Historians misled regarding its uses. Even Islamic Scholar Zakir Naik also peddled lie regarding the word Hindu. In his various speeches he mentioned that the word was first used by Britishers and used as a derogatory remark. But the truth is utterly different. In fact, this word was neither used first by Britishers nor used to denigrate Indian. The name of the 6th out of 13 wives of Hazrat Mohammed was also ‘Hind’. So, for rest of the world, word Hindu was never having a derogatory meaning otherwise it could not be used as a name of somebody.

Obsession for Aryan Invasion Theory:

Further in her article she wrote a self-contradictory para, “The origin of the Hindus is traced back to Aryan culture. Aryan identifies a language and a culture, not a biological race, whose emergence historian date to the second millennium B.C. But the Hindutva version of history is frantically pushing the date back to include the Indus Civilization, a sophisticated urban civilization that preceded the Aryans by a millennium, as part of the Aryan origin of the Hindus.”

In above para she herself agreed that Aryan is a word not a biological race and further she contradicted her own statement saying, ‘The Indus Valley Civilization, a sophisticated urban civilization preceded the Aryans by a millennium, as part of the Aryan origin of Hindu.

How can both the contradictory things possible at a time? Once she agreed Aryan is not a biological race and on the other hand, she is trying to define a time line for them in the history. To delineate the time of its origin or existence is utterly irrational until and unless Aryan was a biological race.

Actually, Arya, a derivative of ‘Ariya”, means excellent and it is a word used to call someone respectfully in ancient India; which she herself agreed in her article in the next para. Previously we have seen that Hindu and Sindhu words are equivalent, only different in its pronunciation by people of different geographies. All Nehru-centric historians of India are obsessed with this word ‘Aryan’. In 1946, Nehru in his book, ‘Discovery of India’ supported the Aryan Invasion Theory. But at the same time Dr. B. R. Ambedkar rejected this theory in his book ‘Who were the Shudras?’. From then till date, many historians tried to misled Indians that Aryans were foreign invaders. But it is not true, and now, it is well established by Jnanendra Choubey in his research work under the guidence of Dr. Kiwishield of Finland. In his research, Choubey studied a lot of DNA samples from a vast area between Myanmar to Afghanistan, the then geographical boundary of ancient India. In fact, Arya is merely a word and not a biological race. He, in his research, established the fact people from Myanmar to Afghanistan has same ancestors. His research work and related documents are kept at Tartoo Lab, Finland.

Hatred for Hinduism and Hindu Scriptures:

All left-wing and Nehru-centric historians have prejudiced that Hindu scriptures are irrational and merely a work of speculation. This is not true. They never tried to find out the truth. Their hatred towards Hindu Scriptures are such intense that they started to hate the language Sanskrit. Government or so-called intellectuals never took any step to nourish Sanskrit in post independent India, now it is on the verge of extinction.

But the truth is entirely different. Many complicated phenomena of science were already written in Hindu Scriptures well before the modern science revealed it. ‘Big Bang Theory‘ is already written in Manu Smriti, the most controversial book post-independence. Similarly, one of the most complex phenomenon of relativity theory is written in Vedas and Puranas. Mass Enegy Equivalence of relativity theory is written in Rigveda and Yajurveda. Another concept of Time Dilation is found in Bhagvat Purana. Solar system was proposed in many Hindu scriptures such as Vishnu Purana, Matsya Purana; well before Copernicus. These are few examples only. Hindu Scriptures are rich with a vast scientific phenomenon. Intense research required on the subject to explore it.

In order to examine the scripture if it is scientifically correct, or else it is merely a fictional work, one should have a better understanding of religious customs as well as knowledge of both science and Sanskrit. But here the actual problem emerges. All Hindu scriptures are written in Sanskrit and unfortunately, nowadays, it is no more a language of common people, which is a problem. Sanskrit is on the verge of extinction, almost died. Furthermore, the irony is, the persons equipped with scientific knowledge claim themselves to be atheist. Being an atheist, he does not have any interest in religious scriptures. Without examining the books, how one can criticize it?!

Tampered History:

History of many monuments are written wrong purposefully by Nehru-centric historian. Taj Mahal and Qutub Minar are two of such monuments. Many historians pointed out this but their ideas were ignored calling them Hindu-centric. Why?! One such historian P. N. Oak claimed Taj Mahal was not built by Emperor Shahjahan and was a temple once. His idea was not given due importance and rejected calling him Hindu-centric. In a democracy, every logical thought to be respected. Mr. P. N. Oak has raised few rational questions regarding the monument and its founder. Moreover, he established very logically and step by step, it was a Shiva Temple.

Being a common man, I have very limited resources and opportunity to explore the truth. I have only option available to google it. To know the truth, when I downloaded the picture of Taj Mahal, found one vase with mango leaf and a coconut on the top. Islam does not believe in any such rituals but in Hinduism it is a common practice to put a vase with mango leaf and coconut in front of a deity during the. It is certainly a dubious condition, why a vase with leaf and coconut over top of the monument would be placed by a Muslim emperor?!  See the pictures below:

Similarly, Mr. M. S. Bhatnagar studied and revealed that Qutub Minar was not built by Qutubuddin Aibak and earlier it was known as Vishnu Stambh or Dhruv Stambha, used by Varah Mihir, an astrologer in Vikramaditya Empire, for his astrological calculations. But his ideas were also ignored by Archaeological Survey of India like Mr. P. N. Oak. We, the people of India, are forced to read the tampered history.


A consorted effort was always there by Left-wing and Nehru-centric historian to denigrate Hinduism and to put inferiority in Hindus. Therefore, intense and unbiased research to be done on the field of history. Entire truth to be revealed and to be known to us. The people isolated from its own history cannot create history. History, in its true form is of extreme importance. We have every right to know the truth. At the end, I can certainly conclude, “They peddle Lie and Cry to believe it as History”.

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Self from a small village Khatkhati of Chhattisgarh. I have completed my Graduation in Mechanical Engineering from GEC, Bilaspur. Now, I am working as a General Manager in a Power Plant. I have much interested in spirituality and religious activity. Reading and writing are my hobbies apart from playing chess. From past 2 years I am doing research on "Science in Hindu Scriptures".
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