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Science in Hinduism: Big Bang Theory written in Hindu Scriptures

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Self from a small village Khatkhati of Chhattisgarh. I have completed my Graduation in Mechanical Engineering from GEC, Bilaspur. Now, I am working as a General Manager in a Power Plant. I have much interested in spirituality and religious activity. Reading and writing are my hobbies apart from playing chess. From past 2 years I am doing research on "Science in Hindu Scriptures".

Presently, the dominance of leftist ideology is increasing in India and almost all over the world. The leftist, who believes on Karl Marks, is utterly atheistic and refuse the existence of God outright. On the other hand; contrary to left, right-wing ideology solely believes on it.

Most Hindus of India have a deep credence in God. Besides the credence in God, Hindu trend is quite liberal and philanthropic. This liberality makes Hindus an easy prey for the left. This is the reason why left always attacks the faith of Hindus, makes mockery and derogatory remarks on Hindu gods and goddesses. At the same time, they even don’t dare to do so with other religion specifically with Abrahamic faith. For left liberals, Hindu scriptures are baseless, unscientific and utterly illogical.

Is Hinduism, really, irrational and unscientific? The question is worth pondering upon. Is each and every Hindu scripture fictional and is a work of speculation only? These are some vivid questions that must be known. Answer to these questions could be found in Vedas, Puranas and in Hindu scriptures. But here the actual problem emerges. All Hindu scriptures are written in Sanskrit and unfortunately it is no more a language of common Hindus nowadays, which is a problem. Sanskrit, Today is on the verge of extinction, almost died.

In order to examine the scriptures if they are scientifically correct, or else it is merely a fictional work, one should have a better understanding of religious customs as well as knowledge of both science and Sanskrit. Furthermore, the irony is, a person equipped with scientific knowledge claims themselves to be athiest.

To answer these vivid questions; I picked up, the very first book, Manusmriti. The selection was not arbitrary at all, but to accomplish a specific purpose; as the book has been most controversial in Indian history, specifically from the later half of the Independence war, when Dr. B. R. Ambedkar burnt it on December 25, 1927. Since then, the book is an easy target for left liberals, and self proclaimed Dalit think tank, the so called intellectuals and all others with progressive thinking. This time, I chose the book, neither as a critic like left-wing nor as a disciple or devotee like right-wing, but as a truth seeker, absolute unbiased truth seeker. The sole motive is to reveal the truth and to know the answer.

When I started reading the book, some amazing and astonishing scientific facts were observed. The Big Bang Theory is written in its first chapter. The first chapter of Manusmriti “Srishti Ki Rachna” is dedicated to the creation of the universe. In this context Manu uttered following shlokas in Manusmriti:

Aasit idam tamobhutam apragyatam alakshyanam

Apratarkyam avigyeyam prasuptam iv sarvatah (1:05) 

Tatah swayambhuh bhagwan avyakto vyanjanna idam

Mahaabhutaadi vritti ojaah praduh aasit tamonudah (1:06)

Yo asaavatindriyagrahyah sukshmoavyaktah sanatanah

Sarvabhutamyochintyah sa ev swayamudbhavau (1:07)

So abhidhyay shariratswatsisrikshurvividhah prajaah

Ap ev sasarjadau taasubijam awasrijat (1:08)

Tadandambhavadhaimam sahasranshusamamprabham

Tasminjagye swayambrahma sarvalokpitaamahah (1:09)

Aapo naaraa iti prokta aapo vai narasunavah

Taa yadasyayanam poorvam ten narayanah smritah (1:10)

Yattatkaaranam avyaktam nityam sadsadaatmakam

Tadvisrishtah sa purusho loke brahmeti keertyate (1:11)

Tasminnande sa bhagwanushitva parivatsaram

Swayamevaatmano dhyanaattadandam akarodvidhaam (1:12)

Taabhyam sa sakalaabhyaam cha divam bhumim cha nirmame

Madhye vyoma dishashchashtaavapam sthaanam cha shaashvatam (1:13)

Translation: The universe existed in the shape of complete darkness before creation, indiscernible, without distinguish signs, unattainable by logical reasoning, entirely immersed; as if it was in a deep sleep. (1:05) 

Then the divine self-existent, self-born, indiscernible, omnipresent God; manifested this universe by dispelling the darkness with his energy (oja) and made discernible himself in the form of five basic (great) elements (Panch Mahabhut). (1:06) 

Thus the omnipresent God; who is self-radiating like sun, who can’t have perceived by our physical body or senses, who is subtle, indiscernible and eternal, who contains all created beings, whom can’t be known at our own will; appeared himself shone forth of his own will. (1:07)

He, desiring to create living beings of many kinds from his own body, first with a thought created the Ap or Aupo (a form of energy in liquid state resembles with water and in general referred as water) and placed his seed in them. (1:08) 

That seed became a golden egg having intensity and brightness equal to the sun; in that egg he himself was born as Brahma the forefather of the whole world. (1:09) 

The Ap or Aupo was called Narah, as it was generated from the god called Nara. Aupo was the first residence of progenitor Brahma. (1:10)

The male (purusha); who is an offspring of the very first cause of world’s creation, the subtle, indiscernible, the basic element of both real and unreal; is called Brahma in this world. (1:11)

The progenitor Brahma resided in that egg during one whole year (as per his own computation) and incubated it; then he himself divided it into two halves by his own contemplation. (1:12)

He established heaven and earth out of those two halves, created all eight directions and space in between these and placed here the eternal Ap or Aupo. (1:13)

Precise analysis of above said Shlokas, reveals; particularly Shloka 12 & 13, these are exactly what Big Bang Theory says!

The big bang theory is as follows: Our universe is thought to have begun as an entity; which was minuscule, infinitely hot, infinitely dense. Where did it come from? We don’t know. Why did it appear? We don’t know. This subtle entity; apparently; exploded and expanded and the universe came into existence. After very, very long time, it got cooled. It continues to expand till date. All planets and other heavenly bodies were formed step by step. This is the Big Bang theory. Before big bang there was nothing, not even time.

Apparently, shloka 5 to 13 of Manusmriti, explains exactly what Big bang theory explained and in even a better way, as Big Bang theory is unable to answer, what is an “entity” and where did it come from. But, Manu; in shloka 5 to 13; explained it in a better way and thoroughly.

Thus; the Big Bang Theory was first written in Hindu scriptures. Such similar phenomenon is written in many other scriptures, as Vishnu Purana, Varaha Purana, Brahmanda Purana and Brahmavaivarta Purana etc. Later, Manu explained; in shloka 63 to 74; the expected time of creation of our earth before 4.32 billion years, which is almost equal to what is said in big bang theory, i.e., 4.5 billion years.

We need, to read scriptures neither as a critic nor as a disciple, but indeed, with a scientific view. Our Vedas, Puranas and scriptures have a hidden treasure of scientific facts. Hope, one day we could find it.

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Self from a small village Khatkhati of Chhattisgarh. I have completed my Graduation in Mechanical Engineering from GEC, Bilaspur. Now, I am working as a General Manager in a Power Plant. I have much interested in spirituality and religious activity. Reading and writing are my hobbies apart from playing chess. From past 2 years I am doing research on "Science in Hindu Scriptures".

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