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Puranas and Vedas

Impact of democracy in political system of India

The present style of democracy in India was inherited from the British but the core value of democracy is existing still in our system as per Vedas in Ancient India.

Science in Hinduism 2: Is Mass Energy Equivalence Theory explained in our scripture?

'Yatha Pinde, Tatha Brahmande; Yatha Brahmande, Tatha Pinde'- is exactly the famous 'Mass Energy Equivalence Theory, E= mc2'. Here's how.

Addressing the misinterpretations and distortions of the Vedas

Proving that the Vedas do not contain details of history, tribes, races or skin color.

Science in Hinduism: Big Bang Theory written in Hindu Scriptures

Read how Manusmriti, explains exactly what Big bang theory explained and in even a better way, as Big Bang theory is unable to answer.

Book Review : ‘Hinduism and Nature’ by Nanditha Krishna

'Hinduism and Nature'  is a book that blends spirituality, mythology, and an analysis of environmental awareness that is embedded in Hinduism.

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