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left liberals' love for mughals

It’s time left-liberals and feminists stopped supporting Islamists

Its indeed difficult to make out what common ground the three groups (Islamists, liberals and feminists) who advocate for one another hold. Their core ideology is completely different in reality.

Boldest pushback to radical Islam is coming from the most unexpected quarters: Saudi Arabia

However Saudi Arabia, under its ruling dispensation, took a conscious turn towards "Wahhabism" some time in the second half of the nineteenth century.

Taliban- Islam- and India

Forget the condition of minorities in Islamic nations, even the common men of Islamic community themselves do not enjoy fundamental freedom of speech and expressions.

वीरता व शौर्य के प्रतीक महाराजा सूरजमल: जिन्होंने 80 युद्ध लड़े, लेकिन कोई राजा नहीं हरा पाया

भारतीय राज्य व्यवस्था में सूरजमल का योगदान सैद्धांतिक या बौद्धिक नहीं अपितु रचनात्मक तथा व्यावहारिक था। मुसलमानों, मराठों, राजपूतों से गठबंधन का शिकार हुए बिना ही उसने अपने युग पर एक जादू सा फेर दिया था।

They peddle lie and cry to believe it as History: An answer to Romila Thapar’s latest piece

Ample amount of damages to Indian history has been done by the Left-wing and Nehru-centric Historian like Romila Thapar, Ramachandra Guha and others. They peddled lie and call it history.

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