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Boldest pushback to radical Islam is coming from the most unexpected quarters: Saudi Arabia

However Saudi Arabia, under its ruling dispensation, took a conscious turn towards "Wahhabism" some time in the second half of the nineteenth century.

A piece of advise to BJP for UP 2022 – Let your work speak for itself

As the most populous state of India, Uttar Pradesh, enters the build up phase of 2022 assembly elections, the ecosystem is throwing the whole kitchen and sink once again to inorganically divide the society on caste, religion and regional lines.

WCT20 debacle: Fake aggro & wokeism are no substitutes for on-field performances

The exit from WCT20 is perhaps the culmination of a series of mistakes made by Kohli and the team management. Sad part is that Kohli, under the burden of his own brand.

Mera Desh badal raha hai: A Bhakt’s joyous “Eureka” moment

The Bhakts, often ridiculed by their peers, can rejoice that their faith in Modi is not misplaced and our country is indeed changing and how!! 

Calling out Pak’s nuclear bluff and the Chinese war bogey: Modi Govt’s two most significant, yet most underplayed, geo-strategic achievements

Though underplayed, this is a huge geo strategic shift in Sino Indian relationship and will have an important role in how the relationship plays out in the coming decades between the two emerging world powers.

Dharmic concept of “SARV DHARM SAMBHAAV”, rather than the western concept of secularism, might hold the keys to a peaceful future for humanity

It would be an infinitely better world if religious leaders across different faiths muster the courage of conviction to reform

Afghanistan, the international orphan, thrown to the wolves once again

A US intelligence report appearing in newspapers today has estimated that at this rate, Kabul might fall to the Taliban in less than 90 days.

Neeraj Chopra and men’s hockey medals at Tokyo Olympics could fire a billion sporting dreams in India

If lakhs of kids participate, dozens of Neerajs will naturally burst onto the scene. Dreaming of such a time in the not so distant future.

“Gaumutra” Vaccine: Against all odds

While on one hand we celebrate Sundar Pichais and Satya Nadellas of this world, on the other hand we suffer from deep rooted inferiority complex by mocking our indigenous vaccine - covaxin.

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