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Science in Hinduism 3: Time dilation theory written in Hindu Scriptures

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Self from a small village Khatkhati of Chhattisgarh. I have completed my Graduation in Mechanical Engineering from GEC, Bilaspur. Now, I am working as a General Manager in a Power Plant. I have much interested in spirituality and religious activity. Reading and writing are my hobbies apart from playing chess. From past 2 years I am doing research on "Science in Hindu Scriptures".

We have already seen that ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Mass Energy Equivalence Theory’ were written in Hindu scriptures, well before the modern science revealed it. The interesting thing about Hindu scriptures is that; the more you will read logically; the more you will find the astonishing scientific facts. It will enhance further your interest thus you will get more and so on. Now, we will check if ‘Time Dilation Theory’ is written in Hindu Scriptures.

Let us start with an incident mentioned in Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran, 9th Skandh, Chapter 3, Shloka 27 to 34:

King Sharyati, scion of Ikshwaku, had three sons – Uttanbarhi, Aanart and Bhurishen. Raiwat was the offspring of Aanart. Raiwat had established a city Kushasthali within the sea and, ruled there along with neighboring countries Aanart etc.

Raiwat had 100 well capable and efficient sons and Kakudmi was the eldest amongst them. Kakudmi had a daughter – Raiwati. When Raiwati attained an age well enough to be married, King Kakudmi was concerned for it and visited Brahma-lok along with his daughter to consult Brahma for a suitable candidate (groom) for her. However, the time when he reached, Brahma-lok was busy in celebrating a ceremony. He waited for a short while to the end of celebration. After the ceremony got over, he bowed down in front of Brahma and discussed his concern. Hearing his concern, Brahma replied with laughing, ‘The candidates whom you are considering as probable groom for your daughter; are no more in earth, not even their son and grandson. Even the name of their descendants too is a matter of past now. All their descendants have extinct now with the time. Meanwhile during your visit, 27 Chaturyugi has been passed, and when you will return to earth you could meet Baldeo; an Anshavatar of the God; the elder brother of Lord Shri Krishna. He is the best one (groom) for your daughter.”

One could inculpate the scripture saying it utterly illogical and fictional – How irrational is the story?! How could it possible that during a short span of time, 27 Chaturyug would have been passed on earth? But wait. the one and only; who is unaware of time dilation theory; he could disapprove the scripture and could think this incident as impossible.

What is time dilation theory? The famous Time Dilation Theory is one of five concepts of relativity theory given by A. Einstein. We have already discussed one of five concepts  ‘Mass Energy Equivalence Theory’ in Hindu scriptures.

Time Dilation Theory says: Time dilation is a difference in the elapsed time measured by two observers, either due to a velocity difference relative to each other, or by being differently situated relative to a gravitational field.

In simple words, a clock that is moving relative to an observer will be measured to tick slower than a clock that is at rest in the observer’s own frame of reference. A clock that is under the influence of a stronger gravitational field than an observer’s will also be measured to tick slower than the observer’s own clock.

Theoretically, time dilation would make it possible for passengers in a fast-moving vehicle to advance further into the future in a short period of their own time. For sufficiently high speeds, the effect is dramatic. For example, one year of travel might correspond to ten years on Earth. And similarly, in a different gravitational field the time is different. In a strong gravitational field, the time is slower compared to less gravitational field.

Eventually, we could relate the scientific facts and the incident mentioned in scripture. King Kakudmi was in a relative motion with rest of the earth while he was travelling to Brahma-lok and returning to earth and was in a different gravitational field during his stay at Brahma-lok for a short while till his conversation with Brahma. Which led to slower his clock from rest of the world and meanwhile 27 Chaturyug passed on earth.

Here, one may ask for the archeological evidences for Kakudmi, Raiwati, Baldeo or Kushasthali, but being a mechanical engineer, the archeological evidences are of very less important for me. I do not much bother for the historical evidence, the concept is important for me. By this incident, it is evident that the writer of Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran was well know of the scientific fact – time dilation. One may inculpate here saying this a work of speculation or coincidence, but certainly it is not as another similar incident is mentioned in this book. In 10th Skandh, Chapter 51, Shloka 14 to 19. In these shlokas it is mentioned, Muchukand an offspring of Mandhata; another scion of Ikshwaku; was travelled to Devlok to assist them during Devasur Sangram (war). When Dev got Kartikeya as their military chief, they thanked Muchukand and relieved him from his duties. Muchukand returned to earth. Meanwhile on earth no one present of his time. All his relatives were a matter of past now. So, he decided to sleep in a lonely cave.

It proves that these stories are not at all a coincidence but certainly the writer is aware of this complex phenomenon of time dilation. Amazing scripture!! Amazing theory.

At the last, once again I am compelled to write, we must have to read the scriptures with a scientific view. The events and incidents written in these scriptures to be thoroughly examined. If the incidents seemed to be unscientific as per modern Science, we must do intense research on those, perhaps we could add a new dimension to modern Science with a new discovery, invention.

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Self from a small village Khatkhati of Chhattisgarh. I have completed my Graduation in Mechanical Engineering from GEC, Bilaspur. Now, I am working as a General Manager in a Power Plant. I have much interested in spirituality and religious activity. Reading and writing are my hobbies apart from playing chess. From past 2 years I am doing research on "Science in Hindu Scriptures".

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