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Let us know the definition of ‘Martyr’……. Save India, elect Modi

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Hinduism is one of the oldest living and practicing civilizations in the world. Whatever is present in the world and likely to occur in distant future, have been eloquently elaborated and copiously expressed in the sacred ancient Sanskrit scriptures of Hinduism like Mahabharat, Ramayana, Upanishad, Vedas etc.

Ravana, Kamsa, Hiranyakashipu etc., are referred in the ancient scriptures of Hinduism as associates of Lord but due to their sins, they had to come to earth as Ravan, Kamsa and Hiranyakashipu. But still Hinduism and Hindus never call RAVAN, KAMSAA AND HIRANYAKASHIPU AS MARTYR. Instead, all of them are called only as evil forces and demons for their heinous actions against humanity, when they were in power.

Moral of the story is that because someone dies naturally or gets assassinated, would not become martyr nor because they were killed, would earn them the title ‘martyr’.

Indian voters must recognise the above truth before they cast their vote or engage in any debate on whether the reference of Rajiv Gandhi as chor No.1 by Modi, when Modi was unbundling Bofors scam is appropriate or not.

Historical facts should not be mutilated; distorted or conveniently misrepresented is the political philosophy of Modi and BJP. The historical facts are that Rajiv Gandhi faced the biggest allegation called Bofors scam. Several millions of rupees have been transferred as kickbacks are true but some facts could not be established in the court of law beyond any reasonable doubt due to time laps. However, money trail and other evidences of big scam were quite evident. During the election campaign, Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by suicide bombers of LTTE in Tamil Nadu, several years ago. Even the sympathy wave of Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination could not save congress party and party could not get simple majority in the parliament.

Rajiv Gandhi died with deep scar of Bofors allegation and even after his death, none of the evidences are accused to be concocted or fabricated but are true and pointing vividly towards Bofors scam really did happen, although proving it now may be difficult. It means, even after the death of Rajiv Gandhi, he had to carry the mark of Bofors scam and even recently certain new facts about Bofors scam has emerged linking the Italian family to be the main culprit.

When the dynast was shouting about the honest Modi as chor, merchant of death, villain of Godhra carnage etc., even after all courts of India exonerating Modi with a clear judgment that Modi has no role in any of those incidents, but still the corrupt dynast continued his abuses against Modi without any decency. The moment Modi replied, not only the family but the entire opposition is reacting heavily because what he spoke was truth. Truth is bitter and that is why many are getting worked up. But when the dynast utters nonsense and abuses Modi, no one bothered because of two reasons

  1. Every political party in India as well as in the world know the dynast naamdar is a liar and unwise
  2. The claim of dynast naamdar is utter lie and if the dynast is believed or supported would prove disastrous.

But the situation became different when Modi hits back. When Modi hit back at the dynast naamdaar, Indian and world know Modi is a credible leader, speak only truth and walk the path of dharma. The resounding reply of Modi has rattled the dynast and the Italian family and therefore the entire opposition parties find it difficult to bear truth. All these tukde tukde gangs are swimming in the pool of lies and scams, therefore are getting jittered with Modi.

Rajiv Gandhi died with the scar of Bofors scam is a well-known and proven fact. Narendra Modi just reminded the dynast to look at his own family history and tradition of scams before the dynast throws dirt at Modi.

India not only believes Modi, are with Modi, want Modi to continue as Prime Minister of India and save India from the sinking dynasty of corruption and loot.

Liars, corrupts, loots, dynasts, naamdaars, punkah coolies and sycophants of the dynast, all have come together to defeat India and not Modi. 

People of India must remember the truth that Modi alone can save India and achieve sab ka vikas. Let us pledge our vote to save India by electing Modi and not the dynast or his corrupt cohorts.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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