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SC rebuff proves Kanhaiya only pawn in hands of breaking-India forces

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Politics of the case apart, I was wondering since yesterday how the Supreme Court was going to hear the bail plea of the arrested JNU student. The established judicial process requires an accused to approach the trial court, and then the High Court before taking the case to the Supreme Court. But all that we heard yesterday amid the cacophony was that a battery of lawyers led by Soli Sorabjee will defend Kanhaiya etc etc. It’s a shame if Soli Sorabjee does not know the law of the land. But that can’t be true. It will be foolish of us to assume that an eminent lawyer like Sorabjee would not know the law. So then what may have happened?

The excuse of the defense team was that conditions were not congenial in Patiala House court for hearing the bail plea. Assuming they are right, their next logical stop must have been the Delhi High Court. That was the next place in the hierarchy. Why didn’t they? Don’t they have faith in the High Court? Why was the High Court overlooked? The answer is simple. A high-voltage drama is on in Delhi with the ISI-marked intelligentsia and anti-national media playing the fifth column. Every opportunity is being made use of by the anti-India gang to win eyeballs to corner Modi sarkar. They care two hoots for Kanhaiya. They were shedding crocodile tears for him. Their aim wasn’t to ensure that Kanhaiya gets justice, but merely to use him for their insane and dangerous political games.


Political brinksmanship is what they are attempting. They want to see the nation plunge into anarchy so that the government will only have time to douse that fire and no time to focus on its pet development theme. Kanhaiya is nothing but cannon fodder to them in their larger nefarious political designs. They were trying to make use of the judiciary too for their dirty tricks, but they have been rebuffed.

As the adage goes, you cannot fool everyone every time. The jackals who thought they could hoodwink the Supreme Court were in for some extreme embarrassment and disappointment today.

The Supreme Court rightly asked them to approach the High Court. It was nothing short of a rap on the knuckles of the dirty tricks department trying to destabilise India. It’s a shame that the media didn’t think it necessary yesterday to discuss this unprecedented development about Kanhaiya’s lawyers trying to overlook the High Court. But the wisdom of the honourable judges has averted what would otherwise have been a black day for Indian judiciary and democracy.



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