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Friendship between owl, rat, mongoose and cat cannot help India – Political message from Panchathantra story

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The desperateness shown by several opposition parties to work as a conglomerate/syndicate of pseudo-secularism and dynastic politics to take on PM Modi and oppose all the good, people centric initiatives reminds about the famous story of Panchathantra; the friendship of owl, rat, mongoose and cat.

All the above four animals were born enemies waiting for an opportunity to kill and eat the other for own survival. One day the cat got caught in the trap of a hunter. The owl and mongoose had free run as the cat was no more a problem to their life however such situation had made the life of rat vulnerable. Sensing the danger from owl and mongoose, the rat went to the cat to rescue it from the net so that other animals will not have free run in the forest. Ironically when the cat was rescued, once again the enmity between all these animals continued as they were enemies from the birth. As a result, each animal was more concerned about own life and welfare than anything else.

Today the great mission of several opposition parties in India is like the friendship between enemies (mongoose and snake) but the only irony is that these born political opponents in Indian politics wants to join together to save the country that they have ruined over several years of dynastic, corrupt rule.

Today all the scamsters in Indian politics are scared of Modi as Modi has determined to hunt down all those scamsters and looters of India’s development and progress. The situation is like how the rat, owl and mongoose were scared of cat.

Because of the fear of getting hunted for their wicked deeds in the past, all these ‘endangered species in Indian politics’ wants to have a conglomerate where each one would commit that they all would live for their joint mission, welfare and safeguarding their dynasty so that they can continue to engage in corrupt rule.

Once upon a time all these parties were opposing each other and were ruling the state. But today, most of them have lost their political and ideological identity and relevance and have become ‘burden’ in Indian politics. These people have understood the fact that Modi has just not changed India but has transformed the country. Now most of these parties have only option that is, seek refugee status under the ‘great dynasty’ and allow the conglomerate to be lead by the dynastic king who enjoys revolts from both within the party as well as from India.


Whether the waiting prince of congress party would make good Prime Minister of India or not, but certainly he would make a good entertainer and may win even ‘Charlie Chaplin award for his wit and humor in Indian politics.


The transformation that Modi has brought to India is quite amazing.  Indian politics was predominantly dominated so far by dynastic power, sycophancy, scams and commission agents. But Modi has made the opposition jobless and sleepless and as a result, most of them have turned out to be comedians and have only one dialogue to utter i.e., oppose Modi.


The big question is that can the aspirational youths afford to surrender the fate and destiny of this country to these ‘political theatrics’ and dynastic rule? PM Modi has brought a great reform in Indian politics and the real development has just begun.

Indian politics was like ‘wasteland’ in every sense. Modi has made it as cultivable land for several crops. When people ask what development Modi has brought, we must gracefully look at the enormous developments in the wasteland and how it has been transformed into a cultivable land. Is this not a big development? It is so funny for people to ask where crop is. Crop can be cultivated only from a cultivable land which Modi has just made out of wasteland that was gifted to us by the dynastic rule and cultivation is on.

People must continue to support PM Modi to save India. Everyone one of us must work like a worker bee and only then NEW INDIA can be built. PM Modi always refers to him as not Pradhan Mantri but Pradan Sevak. Look at the humility and commitment of Modi.  

When we work hard to build NEW INDIA, certainly we need some entertainments and jokes to relax after our hard work. Thanks to the opposition parties and the prince of the congress party, we have some assured free entertainment to enjoy.

People of India must wakeup and realize whether they need a hybrid animal of cunningness, scams, dynastic politics and opposing ideology to ruin the country or they need a visionary, divisive, strong, assertive, uncorrupt and committed leader – Modi? Let us work for India, let us work for our future generation, let us support Modi to save India.

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