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Child would always go crazy and runaway from scene if toy of his choice is denied dear Salman Khurshid

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The grand old child in Indian politics must realize the bitter truth that the post of Prime Minister of India cannot be given to a child as maternal gift or the gift of the so called sycophants and those in the wage list of the family. The child would have easily got the post of vice president of congress and then president of the party because the congress party belong to his family so he could inherit the congress party. Unfortunately the mother of the grand old child or his sycophants cannot gift the child the post of prime minister of India which the child has to realize however un-teachable the grand old child may wishes to remain.

Indian politics has changed from corruption and minority appeasement to honest, accountable, responsible, corruption free and sab ka vikas centric. Unfortunately for the congress party to change from its age old rotten culture and practices is quite difficult and it seems, almost impossible. Thanks to the influence of several tukde tukde gangs in Indian politics, congress still believes that by playing negative politics and minority appeasement, congress party can cobble up a coalition government with the help of tukde tukde gangs as in the past.

India has seen for the first time a decisive, honest, assertive prime minister called Modi. India has seen for the first time, totally corruption free governance, governance dedicated to development and sab ka vikas and a government fully for India and for India alone.

Under Modi, India has grown as a leader country to the world. Millions and millions of people love, support and adore Modi because people see Modi as a decisive, assertive leader with extraordinary commitment and honesty for India. The respect and dignity Modi enjoys today is purely due to his leadership quality and inborn honesty in public life and it was not gifted to him by his mother. But for the dynast, all the laurels that he enjoys today have come to him as gift and reward for he being born in the family of Gandhi and not because of his merit, leadership or understanding of Indian politics.

Today most of the congress men are singing songs for him and dancing to his tune because of the hope that by doing so competitively and aggressively, the dynast would gift them with some position in congress party. As a result of the above culture, both the people in congress and the leadership are competing with each other praising and celebrating each other and care a damn about India.

The New India invoked by Modi has transformed Indian politics, changed the mind set of people and made them aspirational, decisive, assertive, responsible and no more gullible to the rhetoric of liars, those who sell lies and negativity and those who do political mileage out of minority appeasement. As a result of the above change, most of the dynastic parties rooted their base in family circus and corruption is vanishing from Indian politics. Honesty alone shall triumph but unfortunately for most of the opposition parties, the meaning for honesty is not known.  Further they also find it hard to learn from defeat.

For the opposition parties, imitating Modi is very difficult because Modi is like an ocean and vast sky in his honesty and leadership character which none of the opposition parties can mimic or imitate. The only option they have is to abuse Modi and criticize him for everything with the hope that like all those corrupt politicians, some corrupt people also may be available in the society to support them. But with such support none of the corrupt opposition parties can ever come to power. Soon all those corrupt people will be left alone with their distinct identity, character and unique GT tag so that they receive no political support or patronage from people.

Salman Khurshid must realize the truth that the dynast cannot be prime minister of India is by abusing Modi and planting lies and fabricated stories. Like how he could become president of the congress party, the dynast would have thought he could become the prime minister of India also easily. Like how his mother and his sycophants supported his leadership, the dynast would have wished that people of India also would support him to become prime minister of India so easily.

When he got defeated and realised that India is not his family property and Indians are nor his sycophants, naturally he was left with less options and hence ran away from the scene with anger and arrogance. The dynast is the grand old child in Indian politics; he is kidult and kadult and fully catches with peter pan syndrome. Hence he finds nothing by runaway from the scene and come to the scene occasionally and then abuse and spread some lies and again goes for subterranean mode of existence.

The fight that we see in congress party today between young guards and oldies is inevitable. The oldies doesn’t want to take another chance by giving space for youngsters and cause disaster to the party because already they have burned enough fuel at the expense of the grand old child, kidult, kadult dynast. Change the leadership, come out of the family culture, rebuild the party outside the shadow of Nehru-Gandi family is the strong message Indians wants to tell to the oldies in congress party.

People should support Modi to save India and govern without corruption and scam, governance focused fully on development and sab ka vikas. Congress party of the dynast can wait another 70 or more years to come to power as congress party only has ruined India since 1947. Let us campaign for good and corruption free governance of Modi to continue for several more years by highlighting all the merits and positive deeds of Modi.

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