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The “Liberal World” is a scam and we all have been tricked

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When you find that the “queen messiah” of liberals fails at stringing two English words together to make an original parliament-friendly speech but can only blabber profanity on a public forum, that too burrowed from some American writer again, it’s evident that liberalism in India is hollow and thus produces the loudest, abrasive noise.

The liberal world, anyway, is a scam. The flag-bearers of liberalism, those suffering from the “holier than thou” syndrome strive to convince us that they are minority-friendly, but are they? Think about it. If there is any minority in the whole wide world, it is the Sanatanis, the Hindus, the Sikhs, and the Buddhists combined, its us. We are a global minority. But is the “LIBERAL” world considerate of us? Do they spare a heart beat for us – ever?

We are not infiltrating anyone’s land, cursing anyone’s culture, shaming anyone’s faith. But we have been ridiculed for ours repeatedly. The Islamist invaders ruined our civilization and the Brits who came in later, looted us some more. And of course there was the deriding of our practices, looking at our rituals as satanic practices, shaming us for being what we are. Today, one of these two plays the hapless minority, and the other masquerades as minority’s knight in shinning amour.

The liberal world constantly appeases the second biggest majority of the world, assists them every time they want to create a base and then found and empire in any country/continent, despite them being averse to the hosts’ way of life (in most cases). Liberals know this faux-minority is huge now and will grow vaster with time anywhere they go. Reserving a place in their good books will help them come in and retain power through a larger vote share.

And we? The real global minorities, where do we stand? In our own land, we can’t reclaim our lost glory – for the liberals would have none of it. The biggest scamster of all times, the United Nations, will jump in vehemently opposing our rights. Tomorrow, if we are forced out of our country, no Europe, America, or New Zealand will take us in. Their liberal politicians will not shed crocodile tears for us; they know that we can’t multiply rapidly and give them a sizable vote bank, that we are not assertive enough when it comes to our rights, that we are not organized or united. We will not advance their political aspirations or get them the political edge over others.

We are on our own in this last piece of land remaining with us. Repeated attacks on our temples and us are not “minor flare ups”. These are attacks on the world’s smallest minority, in most cases by those who dominate the world’s demography; and that no “liberal” finds this alarming, tears apart the “minority-friendly” mask this pseudo coterie has been hiding behind. Terming us so, in reality, the liberals are the most BARBARIC MAJORITARIANS walking planet earth.

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