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Liberals abusing Hinduism

अल्पसंख्यक आयोग: देश के बहुसंख्यक समाज के साथ एक छलावा

हम बहुसंख्यक समाज के साथ वर्ष १९४७ में धोखा किया गया, क्योंकि हम सनातन धर्मीयो को तो केवल एक देश मिला पर इन मुसलिम मजहब के लोगों ने ना केवल पाकिस्तान ले लिया बल्कि भारी मात्रा में ये हिंदुस्तान में ही रह गए और इस प्रकार बड़ी धूर्तता से उस समय के कुछ धोखेबाज अंग्रेजो के गुलामो के कारण ये पूरी तरह  जम गए।

Breaking News: “Indian Institutes of Victimology” to prepare our youth for the 21st Century

As per the new liberal, social justice enabled 'No Education Policy,' a new series of IIVs is going to be set up in all State Capitals of India, to prepare our youth in the avant-garde studies and reap its emergent economic possibilities by way of job-orientedness and 100% placement.

Principles of modern Hindutva find mention in, surprise, the Constitution of India

Thos who look suspiciously at the Constitution as a British product, are ignoramuses. The Constitution itself contains major principles that are very dear to the cause of the Hindu Renaissance.

बौद्ध मत की वो बातें, जो बताई नहीं जाती

कोई कॉमरेड और नवबौद्ध आपको देवराज इंद्र से जुड़ी हुई ये बातें नहीं बताएगा. वास्तविकता तो यह है कि बौद्ध ग्रंथों में देवराज इंद्र का उतना ही वर्णन है, जितना हिन्दू ग्रंथों में मिलता है.

Modern day Don Quixotes

Our modern day Don Quixotes are activists without a cause. They are mostly Hindus. They are out to save secularism. From Hindus.

God, spiritual politics and Rajinikanth alone can save Tamil Nadu

For social, educational, economic and political empowerment, people of the state must not only elect Rajinikanth but more importantly, must defeat DMK and only then the state can be saved.

Zomato’s sensationalism and liberal media appreciation

“Food doesn't have a religion. It is a religion.”, says Zomato. Let's analyse.

The “Liberal World” is a scam and we all have been tricked

The flag-bearers of liberalism, those suffering from the "holier than thou" syndrome strive to convince us that they are minority-friendly, but are they?

Fake news on Modi 2.0 cabinet caste composition

After losing everything, liberals are crying for upper caste hold in Modi's new cabinet!

It is good Sadhvi Pragya apologised

Sadhvi Pragya calling Godse a patriot: he was, is and will remain as a patriot and Kamal Hassan (actor, politician and head of a political party) calling Godse, a Hindu terrorist - both are reprehensible.

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