Sunday, November 27, 2022
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G Indira

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The Congress President Elect- Old wine in old bottle

A spent-force, a time-tested party loyalist, an old-timer with no charisma, no new ideas, not a known face in the vast Hindi-Heartland, a person, who himself says that he is ever-willing to take dictates from the Gandhi family trio--- shri Mallikarjun Kharge has become the president of the Congress Party.

Freebies in the garb of welfare-measures

By projecting dynasty and freebie politics to people, the Prime Minister Modi is getting the required heft. These potential issues work in his favor to fight the opposition with in 2024 elections to win.

Mahua Moitra is playing the same old liberals’ politics

India, although a liberal country in other ways, it would not take lightly comments on the God/deities they worship.

The Centre’s Agnipath Scheme- A right step in the right direction

Agniveers will become the trained and disciplined soldiers of the country. Agniveers services in society will be of immense value.

Nupur Sharma’s case is sad, as the Govt. took different turn

The Govt's stern action on its own spokesperson sends a message that it is a no nonsense Govt. As a matter fact, now the BJP-Govt., has sent guidelines to be followed to all its spokespersons.

The Row over Hindi being the National Language: Justified?

Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement to use Hindi instead of English for communication within India has sparked a row recently.

On war in Ukraine-India tiptoes carefully

The Govt. at the Centre is taking calculated right steps and exercising the country’s strategic - autonomy.

Spectacular win – Splendid performance

The comprehensive win in all four states: Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa (by the BJP) indicates that the BJP and P.M. Modi are unassailable.

Hijab row- An orchestrated one

After seventy-five years of Independence, if the minorities do not join stream, when are they is the question.

Girls’-marriage-age-increase would ensure gender-justice & empowerment: But for some concerns

Some women-groups question the rationale behind the move. They ask: when girls are matured enough to vote at eighteen, why can’t they marry?

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