Fake news on Modi 2.0 cabinet caste composition

There has been a much circulated tweet alleging that 50% of the Modi cabinet was Brahmin. The tweet seems to have originated from one Obed Manwatkar who claims to be a [sic] “A Research Scholar (PhD) in subaltern debrahmanized Liberation Theology” based in Chicago.This was followed up by one Neeta Kolhatkar who tweeted verbatim the same “analysis” of the Modi cabinet’s caste composition. This was further endorsed by Raju Narisetti, a veteran journalist currently associated with Columbia University. When, one looked more closely at the actual composition of the cabinet, it appeared that no more than 7 members were Brahmins.

However, Times of India has in a separate article suggested that the Cabinet has 9 Brahmins. This in turn seems to have been picked up by the BBC.

In summary, all of them are attempting to exaggerate the presence of Brahmins in the Cabinet in order to demonise the community. Ala, the Nazis exaggerating the influence of Jews in society. When their lies were called out, both Narisetti and Kolhatkar responded in a manner that one has come to expect from Indian journalists who are against the incumbent government- ad hominem attacks and silence.

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