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Hatred against crusader of development is killing Congress and Congress seems so helpless

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The decision of BSP chief to dump congress has been welcomed by many. The reason being every Indians want India to be free of the dynastic, sycophancy dominant culture of congress.

The courage shown by Mayawati in her demands for an alliance with congress in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan were actually created by congress. Congress party due to its continuous misdeeds has reduced as a fringe player in Indian politics. In Karnataka, just to stop BJP, congress has gone to an extent of committing suicide by handing offer the Chief Minister post to Kumarasamy whose party has won less than half of the seats won by congress.  Through such action congress has exposed its Achilles heel and now BSP is hitting it.

Congress has gone crazy and mad and is trying to do everything possible to prove it is the right alternative to BJP.  The dynast has suddenly remembered Lord Siva and his Brahmin DNA from the long and tireless culture and practice of minority appeasement for vote. More than people of India who got shocked at the way congress party was displaying its eccentric and agnostic character in public space was the opposition parties.

Congress has proved to the world that the party is ready to do anything to win election. Congress would have been advised by someone that such acts alone would prove the winner instinct of the party. But Indians see it differently. Congress is ready to do anything, any kind of opportunism and characterlessness it is willing to display therefore congress is the most unreliable and that is how Indians see congress and that is how Mayawati also has described the congress through her intent.

So long congress was using several regional parties as host to grow and then parasite the host and make it weak and lifeless.  Today the regional parties are paying the same coin back to congress.

The unreasonable hatred of congress towards the Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is so committed develop India and achieve sab ka vikas is justifiable from the cultural point of view of congress. Congress believes in dynastic culture and wants only sycophants but PM Modi believes in merit and undying commitment from his party men for India. The hatred of the dynast over Narendra Modi is seen by people of India differently. Congress had never interested in the development of India or sab ka vikas and congress wants India to be poor so that it can continue to exploit the poor and weaker section of the society. In fact, India has been systematically ruined by the congress since independence. Therefore the hatred of the dynast over PM Modi is seen by people as not just personal hatred towards Narendra Modi but congress never wants the mission of PM Modi i.e., development of India and Sab ka vikas to be successful.

Congress is adamant, arrogant and unwilling to learn new lessons. For congress it looks like even if it loses its both eyes, BJP should lose at least one. Congress when think of BJP, BJP think of India, her development and Sab ka vikas. Some regional parties have understood the ploy and the evil designs of congress and that is why they have moved away from congress. TRS, BSP are the best examples. Left and SP suffered huge political loss when they aligned with congress party in the past.

People of India must support Narendra Modi in 2019 and beyond, instead to handing over India’s fortune to those fringe forces and forces that will cause instability and uncertainty to India.

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