Tuesday, July 23, 2024



P.S: I Hate You!

JD(S) and Congress in Karnataka: Every patch up statement looks like it has a P.S: ‘I hate you.’

Tom and Jerry game of Congress and JDS in Karnataka – Save India, elect Modi

JDS, the alliance partner of congress in Karnataka has realized that the landslide victory of BJP in Karnataka and the imminent defeat of congress party is must for the survival of JDS government. 

HDK is trying to be Mamata of Karnataka, but Karnataka is not Bengal

With its brazen dynastic politics and problems with its coalition partner Congress, JDS (Just Devegowda & Sons) is facing a very real possibility of drawing a blank in the present Lok Sabha elections.

Hatred against crusader of development is killing Congress and Congress seems so helpless

Siva Bhakti or Brahmin DNA or minority appeasement or kneel down to before JDS or hatred against crusader of development and sab ka vikas is killing congress

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