Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Rahul Gandhi Shiva Bhakt

Shelf-life of Siva bhakti of the dynast

The Siva bhakti expressed by the dynast in scientific sense will fall under the category of seasonal, niche product.

Hatred against crusader of development is killing Congress and Congress seems so helpless

Siva Bhakti or Brahmin DNA or minority appeasement or kneel down to before JDS or hatred against crusader of development and sab ka vikas is killing congress

Emerging Siva and Vishnu Bhaktas in Indian politics – Even Ravana was a Siva Bhakta

After Rahul Gandhi's opportunist politics, Akhilesh Yadav becomes a Vishnu Bhakt overnight.

From Shehzada to Jahan Panah of INC, after losing Panipat

A machine might be invented that can transform potatoes into gold but no machine can transform an indolent man to an influential leader.

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