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Emerging Siva and Vishnu Bhaktas in Indian politics – Even Ravana was a Siva Bhakta

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All those believers of God especially the Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu must unite and support BJP and Modiji for rekindling the Siva and Vishnu Bhakti in two famous dynasts in Indian politics– Raghul Gandhi and Akilesh Yadav.  So long both these dynasts were pouring their devotion; time and love to appease minority and play vote bank politics. Both appear to have forgotten their God– Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu until 2018. The former dynast brought his legacy starting from his grandmother to father to prove they were all Siva Bhaktas whereas the new entrant dynast Akilesh Yadav made promise of building a Vishnu city in UP. Hindus have more reason to cheer because both these dynasts at last have realised that their political fortune hereon lies in the hands of Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu and not in minority appeasement.

BJP in general and PM Modi in particular promoting nothing but respect for our ancient tradition, culture and the message of honesty and universal brotherhood as propagated by Lord Ram and Lord Krishna.

The question is can these two new Siva and Vishnu Bhaktas win the heart of India through the display of their neo-Bhakti?

We must reflect the devotion of Ravana, Hiranyakashipu, Mahishasura, Narakasura etc. All of them were true devotees of certain Gods. But the only difference was that they were devoted to god for a definite end result i.e. power, invincibility, immortality etc. In brief they believed in God purely for own self-gratification. Only their greed made them to be deep devotees of God. None of them had expressed their devotion for the country that they ruled.  Although God has blessed them initially but indeed God also punished them at the end.

What we see today in Indian politics is the re-emergence of Siva and Vishnu Bhaktas and these Bhaktas reveal nothing but such bhakti is meant only to grab power and position.

The question is shall India re-invite Ravana or Hiranya Kashipu or Padmasura or Narakasura and allow all of them to ruin the country which is being built brick by brick?

People of India must recognize the difference between the true bhakti of Prahalad in Lord Vishnu from the bhakti of Ravana, Hiranya Kashipu, Padmasura etc.

Indians should not waste their precious vote to these neo-Siva and Vishnu Bhaktas and re-create the kingdom of minority appeasement and no progress. India must be saved and to save India and build New India, we need the Karma Yogi, the divine architect in 2019 and beyond.

2019 election is all about save India from those divisive forces. People should pledge their unconditional support to build New India in 2019.

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