From Shehzada to Jahan Panah of INC, after losing Panipat

The much talked coronation of now congress President Rahul Gandhi is a hilarious scenario where you have been promoted to the top job after multiple failures and zero credibility. Every time it was propelled by some  cheerleaders in the media that a brand new and transformed Rahul Gandhi is launched by the R&D department of INC right from tearing up the ordinance before 2014 general elections to the latest Avataar in social media, the acceptance of product in the market was never there and the product has always been a total fiasco.

When genius Mani Shankar Aiyyer said that only a prince sits on the throne after the king and mentioned Aurangzeb and few other tyrants of the Mughal dynasty, he failed to mention or we can say he ignored the very fact that more or less every prince who ruled as a king for a significant time had proved his mettle. Aurangzeb defeated his brothers and Akbar won innumerable battles with battle of Panipat being the very inception. But here, although the prince was thrashed in the battle of Panipat in 2014 and battle after battle thereafter across the length and breadth in this country, the prince has been coronated with no feather on the cap. The timing is also important because the date was chosen before the battle of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh because the results were anticipated.

Before 2014 elections the Shehzada was an angry young man and just before the Gujarat elections he became a Hindu-Brahmin and a Shiva Bhakt, different flavours of a product but outcome always the same. At some point in the future a machine might be invented by a scientist in the world that can transform potatoes into gold but no machine can transform an indolent man to an influential leader.

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