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De-fund sociology, it can’t annihilate caste

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Sociology and other social sciences and humanities subjects cannot solve problems, especially casteism. Here are a few reasons:

1> The entire “liberal arts academia”, the subjects, their scope, their syllabus are either all DIRECT remnants of the British Raj era, or are extensions of that line of thought created by people who were heavily inspired by European thought. To be precise, European COLONIALITY is the prime karhai, so to speak in which Marxist & Liberal Arts academia is cooked in.

Which is to say, this field was created by Europeans to look at Bharat in an exotic way, like a lab animal meant for experimentation and data collection with a mixture of the intended as well as the unintended consequence of creating fissures in Bharatiya society where there is none, or increasing the divide where there ARE fissures and in the end, either converting you or converting the episteme of your faith even without converting you. In short, this field was NOT created to solve any problems; it was at best, created to observe an exotic animal and at worst, created to destroy a civilization which they realised is superior to theirs.

2> Since this is how this field was created, its no wonder that, their guns are always pointed at the wrong direction. E.g.:- Talk to a Marxist or liberal arts academic for 5 minutes or 5 years, the single take away you will have from conversations with them is that Hinduism is to be blamed for every problem in India, and Islam or Muslims are responsible for absolutely zero problems in India. They teach Savarkar’s views on Hindtuva but not his views and actions regarding eliminating casteism while they teach Ambedkar’s views on casteism but not his views on Islam. Social “science” syllabuses are basically an ideology-driven party manifesto, a deliberate political narrative with selectively nit picked data points from here and there.

To top it all off, they read almost no primary sources. All their knowledge is based on journals written by people who have also read journals or have read commentaries or interpretations of primary sources or other journals. In discussing anything Bharatiya, half the battle is lost for any learner if they do not know Sanskrit, and more so, if they don’t even read unabridged English or other Indian language translations done by people who are absolutely fluent in Sanskrit. Remember the viral video of a Hinduphobic Marxist professor debating Rajiv Malhotra?

He said, “I teach a bit of Hindi, a bit of Urdu a bit of Sanskrit”. Any Sanskritist Sanskrit professor in the world will tell you that there can be no such thing as “bit of Sanskrit”. While on one hand, Raja Rammohan Roy was writing to the British basically saying Sanskrit is too complex, it takes too long to learn and so let us all learn English, and on the other hand, some Marxist professors think they know Bharatiya texts based on the knowledge of a bit of Sanskrit, a bit of Urdu.

Therefore, if they are dishonest about their criticism of a problem, they cannot come up with any solutions. Which is why we have given them 75-80 years to solve Casteism. We have funded them enough. They have not solved it. All they have managed to do is destroy India’s reputation abroad, while pretending to be a heroic and victorious sad little poor Indian who is finally playing with the big boys and will therefore write books and papers on caste for the rest of his life without solving anything on the ground. Remember what we have learnt from the impact of RRR in the USA and Europe.

They had no idea that the British did these atrocities; they probably knew of just the Jalianwala Bag incident, and they know Gandhi kicked them out with the lethal and viscious power of non violence, but all of them know one thing for sure i.e. casteism. Selling India’s casteism to the west is the bread and butter and beef burger for these academics. They have held India hostage for 80 years and its time to end their filthy game once and for all.

In my opinion, there are just 2 ways to annihilate caste. A Free Market and Hindu unity. Free Market ensures the best person getting the job done at the lowest possible fee and so even hardcore casteist Hindus will have to work with people they hate if they are to survive in a free market as opposed to artificially funded welfare institutions that stagnate the society.

At the same time, Veer Savarkar’s model of Hindu unity devoid of sparsh bandi, roti bandi and beti bandi could have solved casteism long back if the Marxist academics had not suppressed his worldview calling it whatever the latest fad lexicon for evil was. Uttar Pradesh is a case in point where both these things are going on simultaneously and the evils of casteism will be unheard of in that state in another generation.

Whereas, every other party and politician all these years has simply used all this discourse created by Marxist academics to do petty reservation based politics and come up with absolutely random caste based political candidates on every level of governance which has done absolutely nothing, nor is it meant to do anything, to kill the idea of caste based discrimination.

An academic may argue that their job is to create discourse and not pin-point to anything specific, and not really to solve any problem per se, which is to say, they probably think its their job to be deliberately vague. There are 2 problems with that. Firstly, the Hindu population is 80% in India. So the funding essentially comes from Hindus and they are taking their money to defame their faith while not solving the problem on ground (remember paying for your own oppression was one of the hallmarks of the European Colonial Era).

Secondly, this vagueness only happens while discussing Islamic invasions, partition and temple destruction. That is the only time when the so called “balanced” views start appearing, saying things like, “there were faults on both sides”..

“some people play politics with religion”, etc, but when it comes to their favorite dish i.e. caste, there’s no room for historical context, or nuance. Its just HINDU and therefore BAD and therefore BAD BAD HINDUS all around. Remember this is why, Sanjeev Sanyal is a better economist that Nobel laureates like Abhijit Banerjee any day. Sanyal was the global strategist for Deutsche bank. He used to get paid to solve problems like that every day and if he couldn’t deliver, he would be fired. Deutsche Bank would not given him a 50 year tenured job to write papers on just one problem the bank is facing.

Which brings us to the topic of defunding sociology or liberal arts or “humanities” in general. NOT BANNING THEM. But de-funding them. Let us stop providing free education for the children of the upper middle class when their only goal and result is going to be defaming Bharat and Hinduism, whereas poor people, the lower middle class and the middle class who don’t study these subjects, goes on taking loans to study STEM fields and then gets a job, contributes to society and pays off their own loans. Let the upper middle class study anti-India and anti-Hindu subjects with their OWN money and with the gradual push in mainstream society to change their ways.

There is a separate problem of woke billionaires funding these anti India and anti Hindu subjects in private universities as well, for details check out Rajiv Malhotra’s book Snakes In The Ganga, which is on this very topic. I do not know what is the solution to that issue yet, but the discourse on this topic has just been started by him and hopefully good ideas will come out soon enough. But for now, let us stop wasting tax money on these Hinduphobic syllabuses.

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