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Confounded social constructs- a major societal obliteration

Initially, the caste system was based on a person's aptitude and profession rather than their birth. The system was intended to ensure cooperation and harmony among different groups.

De-fund sociology, it can’t annihilate caste

Sociology and other social sciences and humanities subjects cannot solve problems, especially casteism. Here are a few reasons:

वेदों में जाति-भेद नहीं

वेद जो हिन्दू धर्म के सबसे प्राचीन पुस्तक हैं जाति-भेद की आज्ञा नहीं देते।

Gyanvapi, Constitution and Supreme Court

Constitution is not an unchangeable Asmani Kitab. It can be modified through amendments as per the situation and requirement.

Savarkar: How the left tarnishes him

From inaugurating the Patita Pavana Mandir at Ratnagiri to being an active Hindutva leader who'd unify the Hindus and ask them to rise above their castes — Savarkar was everything.

Seek answers not from ‘intellectuals’ but from Ambedkar, for the social tempest seen today

Ambedkar’s analysis is perfect, for it is not only the beginning, but can far surpass anything that vocal elements could proffer today. For he beat them all with his intellect.

From ‘Two Indias’ to ‘New India’ – long way to go!

A multi-stakeholder effort is the need of the hour to eliminate these social evils and achieve a New India in the true sense.

Stupidity with Manusmriti

For criticizing Hinduism, as a counter to the violent and xenophobic verses of the desert cult, people have even equated Manusmriti with Asmani Kitab.

Indian texts are riddled with controversial claims; but only if you deliberately decide to isolate the sayings

Neither birth, nor initiation, no descent, nor bookish knowledge determines a person's merit; only their actual conduct, expressed qualities and virtues determine one's merit. There is no superior caste, claims Shanti Parva.

Is caste system an integral part of Hinduism?

It is necessary to demolish the myth that caste system is an intrinsic part of Hinduism. Moreover, this myth has harmed relations between the so-called upper castes and lower castes.

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